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60 tesla long pulse magnet

The motor/generator which powers the 60T LP. This massive 1.4 GW generator was purchased as scrap iron in the '80's to power a fusion project. The generator is capable of delivering 750 mega-joules (MJ) of energy in a pulsed mode. The energy is stored in the 260 tons of rotating machinery. A 60 tesla field pulse uses only 90 MJ of energy during the 2 second long pulse.

These power supplies transform the 3 phase power from the motor-generator from 22,000 volts down to 8,000 volts and alow for the customized pulse shape. A 12 pulse power converter system is computer controled to convert the AC power from the generator to a customized pulse shape.

Click here to listen to the power supplies during a full field pulse.

To hear the sound of the 60 T Long Pulse magnet during a full field shot Click Here .

See the "60 T Long Pulse Dedication Story"

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