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50 T pulsed magnet

These magnets have bore diameters of 24 mm at 77 K and an overall pulse width of about 20 ms. Their design follows Professor Fritz Herlach's prescription (Leuven, Belgium) of using a variable thickness of fiber glass reinforcement between each layer of conductor to uniformly distribute the full-field mechanical hoop stress. Following 500 to 700 pulses the conductor breaks somewhere due to mechanical fatigue. The lifetime of the magnets is shortened by pulsing at higher fields. Those users willing to risk earlier magnet failure can be provided fields of 53-54 T. The following sample environment and probes are available:

  • He-4 Cryostat

  • Flow Cryostat (1.5K < T < 320K); sample space: 9.5 mm

  • 3He System (350 mK base temp.); sample space: 9.5 mm

  • Dil. Fridge (30 mK base temp.); sample space: 8 mm

  • de Haas - van Alphen; sample space: 3 x 1 mm

  • Magnetization; sample space: 3 x 1 mm

  • 1 hour cool-down time between pulses

  • GHz spectroscopy

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