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100T Call for Proposals - October 2008

Submission deadline: October 31, 2008
Submit your proposal.
Supplemental Information (figures etc.) for your proposal may be sent separately by email to Chuck Mielke. A two-page maximum supplemental document will be reviewed along with your online submission. The supplemental document must have the following characteristics:

  • PDF file
  • 1-inch margins on all sides on U.S. Letter (8.5 x 11) size
  • 12-point Times New Roman (or Times) font
  • Two pages maximum (Any additional pages will be discarded.)

The next call for proposals is expected to be announced on May 15, 2009.

The Pulsed Field Facility (PFF) of the NHMFL is pleased to invite you to submit a proposal for magnet time on the 100T MS magnet with maximum fields currently set to 85T. Magnet time will be scheduled between February 2 and April 27, 2009. The techniques that can be offered, for measurement on your sample in pulsed magnetic fields, are as follows:

  • Magnetic susceptibility (i.e., M(H) and dHvA technique)
  • Contactless Resistivity (i.e., Tunnel Diode Oscillator (TDO) technique)
  • Optical Spectroscopy (i.e., photoluminescence, absorption)
  • Electrical Transport (i.e., 4-probe resistivity, 6-probe Hall)

Proposals will be evaluated by a joint panel from the three NHMFL sites based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific merit of the experiment, potential impact, and probability of obtaining useful results
  • Availability of preliminary data on the sample obtained in capacitor bank-driven pulsed fields (i.e., to 60T) that suggest the need for higher fields
  • Completeness of the online magnet request selecting the 100T and 65T magnets

100T Magnet Request Supplementary Information:

  • A total of six, one-week magnet time slots will be awarded. (Shorter slots are acceptable.)
  • A maximum of one week of magnet time will be awarded to any given team or PI.
  • Each week of 100T MS time will be preceded by a strongly encouraged week of capacitor bank-driven 65T pulsed magnet time.
  • Approximately one proposal may be selected for development of pulsed field techniques.
  • All requested shots during any given magnet time period are subject to review by the NHMFL-PFF support scientist.
  • Liquid He-4 will be supplied by the NHMFL-PFF.
  • Liquid He-3 one shot cryostat will be made available to those sessions awarded magnet time (base T = 320 mK).
  • All magnet time is subject to cancelation due to magnet anomaly detection, as well as ancillary support infrastructure challenges.
  • Hours of operation are from 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (0900 through 1600), with an estimated maximum of 4 full field (85T) shots per day.
  • An NHMFL-PFF support scientist will review dB/dt waveforms insitu and data waveforms for signal optimization.
  • Proposal review will be completed and notifications sent by December 1.

Dwight Rickel inspects the 100T

Dwight 100T

100T magnet preparation for installation

100T Crane

Recent data from the 100T (N. Harrison et al., Phys. Rev. Lett., 99, 056401 (2007))

CeIn3 Graph

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