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Novel Materials at Extreme Conditions

New Physics from Novel Materials at Extreme Conditions

Joe D. Thompson - Capability Leader

Han-Oh Lee
Tuson Park
Vladimir Sidorov
Xin Lu
Dae-Jeong Kim

Capability description:

This team pursues the discovery and understanding of new phenomena and new quantum states in strongly correlated electron materials through measurements at high pressures, magnetic fields and low temperatures. Several variations on clamp-type cells that generate pressures to 3 GPa are used for electrical resistivity, ac susceptibility and ac specific heat measurements in fields to 9 T. 4He, 3He and adiabatic demagnetization cryostats provide variable temperature control from base temperatures of 1.1, 0.35 and 0.04 K, respectively, to 300K. The 3He cryostat, adapted to a vector magnet, allows unique, field-angle dependent measurements at high pressures. Judicious use of simultaneous extremes in P, T and H selectively tunes competing interactions to reveal exotic states and their interplay.

Heavy-electron materials, which serve as examples of the physics of interest, are prototypes for exploring relationships among magnetism, unconventional superconductivity and quantum criticality. Success relies on close collaboration with other group efforts in spin/charge spectroscopy, single crystal growth of new materials, and ultra-low temperature physics. Postdocs Tomasz Klimczuk, Han-Oh Lee and Tuson Park and long-term visitor Vladimir Sidorov are the core of this team and let J. D. Thompson participate in the fun of discovery.

Novel Materials at Extreme Conditions

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