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Elastic Properties

Elastic Properties

Albert Migliori - Capability Leader

Jon Betts
Victor Fanelli
Yoko Suzuki

Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy

Description of Capabilities:

The use of mechanical resonances to determine the elastic moduli of materials of interest to condensed matter physicists, engineers and materials scientists is steadily evolving. With the massive computing capability found in an ordinary personal computer, it is now possible to find all the elastic moduli of low-symmetry solids using sophisticated analysis of a set of the lowest resonances.

This process, dubbed resonant ultrasound spectroscopy, or RUS, provides the highest absolute accuracy of any routine elastic modulus measurement technique, and it does it quickly on small samples.

The Magnet Lab RUS group, led by Albert Migliori, provides a RUS user facility for the general science community with capabilities from 300mK to 600K and to 15T.

RUS System

Room temperature RUS system.

Elastic Properties

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