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LANSCE User Facility Agreement Questionnaire

Individuals who are not Los Alamos National Laboratory employees are not permitted to do experimental work at any LANSCE User Facilities until a User Agreement (UA) with that individual's home institution is established. Please fill out the requested information so the LANSCE UA Specialist can furnish the appropriate User Agreement(s) to your institution for signature.

If your institution does not appear in the list below*, complete an online User Agreement Questionnaire, which is the first step toward putting a master user agreement in place.

If you need a copy of one of these agreements, contact the LANSCE User Office.

List of Institutions with User Agreements in Place

N indicates a non-proprietary agreement, i.e., basic research.
P indicates proprietary, i.e., industrial user research.

There are 82 Institutions with Master Agreements in place.


Experiment type


Abilene Christian University(N)2022-07-10
Air Force Insitute of Technology (N)2017-01-29
Argonne National Laboratory(N)2022-06-16
Arizona State University(N)2021-11-16
Boston University(N)2022-12-11
Brigham Young University(N)2018-09-03
Brookhaven National Laboratory(N)
Brown University(N)
California Institute of Technology(N)2020-10-16
Carnegie Mellon University(N)2019-10-25
Case Western Reserve University(N)2021-11-10
Central Michigan University(N)2019-10-02
CNRS (Centre National de la Recherché Scientifique)(N)2022-09-29
Colorado School of Mines(N)2022-09-14
Columbia University(N)2021-11-07
Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique-Bruyeres-le-Chatel(N)
Corning Inc.(N)
Coventry University(N)2022-11-28
Czech Technical University in Prague, Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics(N)2019-11-30
Fort Lewis College(N)2022-10-17
Georgia State University(N)2020-12-23
Gettysburg College(N)2021-11-07
Goethe University Frankfurt(N)
Idaho State University(N)
Indiana University (N)2022-09-21
Istituto Nazionale de Fisica Nucleare - Milan(N)2021-10-11
Johns Hopkins University(N)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory(N)2020-08-24
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory(N)2022-11-14
Louisiana State University(N)2019-11-13
Michigan State University(N)2022-10-05
New Mexico State University(N)2022-10-26
Nuclear Research Center- Negev(N)2022-10-13
Oak Ridge National Laboratory(N)2022-12-08
Ohio State University(N)
Ohio University(N)2022-12-06
Oklahoma State University (N)2022-03-14
Oregon State University(N)2018-08-22
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory(N)2022-11-14
Perkin Elmer, Inc.(N)
Prairie View A&M University(N)2022-09-14
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute(N)2019-08-23
Rutgers University(N)
Southern Methodist University-Texas(N)2022-09-01
State University of New York(N)2021-11-15
Texas A&M University(N)2019-10-25
U.S. Army Research Laboratory(N)
Universidad Carlos III Madrid(N)2021-09-15
Universidad de Sevilla(N)2019-09-15
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul- UFRGS(N)
University of California - Davis(N)2022-10-02
University of California - Riverside(N)2019-11-16
University of California - San Diego(N)2022-09-26
University of California - Santa Barbara(N)2022-11-03
University of Central Florida(N)
University of Cincinnati(N)
University of Dayton(N)2022-11-07
University of Florida(N)2020-11-08
University of Hawaii at Manoah(N)2021-01-14
University of Houston(N)2021-01-20
University of Kentucky(N)2022-11-06
University of Massachusetts - Lowell(N)2018-10-09
University of Michigan(N)2018-08-08
University of Minnesota(N)2021-09-13
University of Nevada - Las Vegas(N)2019-10-21
University of New Hampshire(N)2022-11-08
University of New Mexico(N)
University of Pennsylvania(N)2021-09-06
University of Pittsburgh - ECE(N)2019-10-11
University of Virginia(N)2019-01-05
University of Waterloo(N)2022-09-09
Vanderbilt University(N)
Washington University(N)2018-09-01
Worcester Polytechnic Institute(N)2021-09-28
Yale University(N)
Yale University(N)
Space Environment Technologies(N)
Sichuan University, China(N)
Oregon State University(N)
The University of Sydney(N)
Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University(N)
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