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Electrical Safety Workshop

NFPA 70E Implementation

Contacts: Bobby Gray (Hanford), Ray Crow (NFPA), Greg Christensen (INL), John Whipple (INL)

This working group will focus on issues in implementing the 2009 NFPA 70E into electrical safety programs at DOE sites. Topics will include (a) labeling of panels, (b) breaker maintenance, (c) demonstrated proficiency, and whatever else the working group chooses to discuss. The state of 2009 NFPA 70E implementation at various sites, as well as methods of implementation will be discussed. Proposals for the 2012 70E may be discussed and their potential impact on our electrical safety programs. A deliverable of this working group could include (a) best practices for implementation, (b) issues that the DOE community has with the 2009 70E, and (c) potential proposals for future 70E revisions.

DOE Electrical Safety Handbook

This working group has been canceled, due to the uncertainty of the future of the DOE Electrical Safety Handbook. In its place an evening meeting will be held during the workshop to discuss the status of and path forward for the handbook. Details to be announced.

Analysis of Electrical Safety Incidents

Contacts: Mike Hicks (DOE Idaho), Tommy Martinez (LANL), John DiNicola (BNL)

This working group has several interesting challenges

  • current status and future revisions of the Electrical Severity Measurement Tool
  • current status and future implementation of new ORPS reporting criteria for electrical incidents
  • review and analysis of electrical incident trends over the past year for any trends or recommendations
  • development of tools to improve consistent use of the Electrical Severity Measurement Tool

Deliverables include (1) any recommendations for improvements in analysis and reporting of electrical incidents, (2) any observed trends and concerns with complex performance over the past year, and/or (3) tools for consistent implementation of incident reporting.

Hazardous Energy Control

Contacts: Marc Williams (SNL), Jerald Kinz (Hanford)

This working group will address issues with the implementation of 29CFR1910.147, Control of Hazardous energy, as well as NFPA 70E, 120. The group will review various methods of implementation of hazardous energy control across the complex, recent LOTO incidents, complex work, etc. Deliverables may include a proposal to ORPS for new methods of analyzing hazardous energy control incidents, best practices or recommendations for consistency across the complex, results from the analysis of events across the complex, recommendations and/or best practices on training for LOTO (including to subcontractors), and/or a white paper to OSHA for enforcing hazardous energy control.

DC Arc Flash

Contacts: Gary Dreifuerst (LLNL), Jim Durnan (BNL)

This working group will review recent research and progress in understanding DC arc flash, both from recent empirical data, and models developed. Areas of concern include large UPS battery banks as well as large DC power supplies in R&D. The working group will review the proposals submitted to the 2012 NFPA 70E and discuss their status. Deliverables could include best practices, recommendations for further research, and/or new proposals for NFPA 70E.

Lightning Protection

Contacts: David McAfee (Y-12), Jeff Williams (DOE Los Alamos), Jackie McAlhaney (SRS)

This working group will continue the initial efforts of the EFCOG Lighting Safety Task Group and have initiated three areas of inquiry: (1) Grounding Surety for Power and Lightning Protection – 480 Volt and Above, (2) Grounding and Lightning Issues with Low Impedance Systems, and (3) Lightning Protection for DOE Facilities. Possible deliverables include best practices, recommendations for consistent practices, and concepts for a future Lightning Protection Handbook for DOE.

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