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GENERAL -Symbols of the Drafting Manual

blue tackPOC: Richard Trout, ES-DE, 665-1142 blue tackAlt. POC: David Smith, ES-DE, 665-5902 blue tackCommittee Members
G01- north arrow G15- Not used G28- scale: 1/4" + 1'-0" G41- door schedule
G02- detail bubble G16- title:view G29- scale: 1/8" + 1'-0" G41A- door schedule information
G03- Not used G17- title:section G30- scale: 1/16" + 1'-0" G42- Not used
G04- cut tails - left G18- title:detail G31- scale: 1" + 10'-0" G43- scale
G05- cut tails - right G19- "A" column call out G32- scale: 1" + 20'-0" G44- submittal block
G06- Not used G19A- "1" column call out G33- scale: 1" + 30'-0" G45- county map
G07- section cut - right/view down G20- scale: 1"=1" G33a- scale: 1" + 40'-0" G46- key notes 1
G08- section cut - right/view up G21- scale: 1/2"=1"

G34- scale: 1" + 50'-0" G47- 2
G09- section cut - left/view down G22- scale: 3"=1'-0" G35- scale: 1" + 60'-0" G48- Not used
G10- section cut - left/view up G23- scale: 1-1/2" + 1'-0" G36- scale: 1" + 100'-0" G49- acronyms
G11- section cut - bottom/view right G24- scale: 1" + 1'-0" G37- Not used G50- product options block
G12- section cut - top/view right G25- scale: 3/4 " + 1'-0" G38- Key plan G51- General notes
G13- section cut - bottom view left G26- scale: 1/2" + 1'-0" G39- UCNI stamp  
G14- section cut - top/view left G27- scale: 3/8 " + 1'-0" G40- 90% review  

ARCHITECTURAL-Symbols of the Drafting Manual

blue tackPOC: Richard Trout, ES-DE, 665-1142 blue tackDavid Smith, ES-DE, 665-5902 blue tackCommittee Members
A01- door no. tag A03- room no. tag A04A- shaded view pointer A06- wall type ID tag
A02- window type tag A04- elevation ID tag A05- vertical elevation ID tag  

CIVIL-Symbols of the Drafting Manual

blue tackPOC: Richard Trout, ES-DE, 665-1142 blue tackDavid Smith, ES-DE, 665-5902 blue tackCommittee Members
C01- benchmark indicator C010- thrust block C019- utility water valve C028- Interstate route
C02- control elevation indicator C011- tee fitting C020- precast-manhole, transformer vault C029- US route
C03- monument designator C012- valve C021- pull box C030- State route
C04- boring indicator C013- Not used C022- manhole C031- existing prop corner
C05- existing elev. indicator C014- utility, meter(s) C023- turning point C032- new prop corner
C06- finish elev. indicator C015- culvert, end C024- centerline C033- vault
C07- steam/comm manhole C016- drainage arrow C025- property line C034- cleanout
C08- storm drain grate C017- manhole(s) C026- flow line C035- dbl cleanout
C09- precasts C018- fire hydrant C027- handicap C036- catch basin

FIRE -Symbols of the Drafting Manual

blue tackPOC: Richard Trout, ES-DE, 665-1142 blue tackDavid Smith, ES-DE, 665-5902 blue tackCommittee Members
F001- smoke F035- emergency light battery F068- water mist exting- auto F101- CO2 extinguisher
F002- 1/2 hour F036- combined battery light & illuminated exit sign F069- water mist exting. manual F102- halon/clean agent extinguisher
F003- 3/4 hour F037- manual station F070- dry chemical sys- auto F103- extinguisher/metal fires
F004- 1 hour F038- carbon dioxide F071- dry chemical manual F104- CO2 reel station
F005- riser F039- reducer F072- fires-all (exc metal) auto F105- dry chemical reel station
F006- valves, general F040- alarm gong F073- fires-all (exc metal) manual F106- foam reel station
F007- valve in pit F041- water monitor alarm F074- gasious medium - auto F107- hose station, dry standpipe
F008- post-indicator valve F042- phone station F075- gasious medium - manual F108- hose station, charged standpipe
F009- key operated valve F043- abort switch F076- halon/clean agent - auto F109- monitor hose, dry
F010- OS&Y valve F044- abort switch (CO2) F077- halon/clean agent - manual F110- monitor hose, charged
F011- butterfly valve F045- line type detector F078- fully sprinklered space F111- purge controls, manual control
F012- non-indicating valve F046- smoke detector F079- partial sprinklered space F112- fans, general
F013- check valve F047- smoke detector duct F080- nonsprinklered space F113- duct
F014- backflow preventer-dbl F048- gas detector F081- water spray system F114- special spray nozzle
F015- backflow preventer-(RPZ) F049- flame detector F082- upright sprinkler F115- roof fan
F016- pressure regulator valve F050- flow detector/switch F083- pendent sprinkler F116- wall fan
F017- pressure relief valve F051- pressure detector switch F084- upright sprinkler: nipple up F117- damper, fire
F018- float valve F052- level detector switch F085- pendent sprinkler: drop nipple F118- damper, smoke
F019- meter F053- tamper detector F086- sprinkler with guard F119- damper, fire/smoke
F020- private hydrant, 1 outlet F054- valve w/ tamper detector F087- sidewall sprinkler F120- damper, barometric
F021- public hydrant, 2 outlet F055- door holder F088- outside sprinkler F121- pressurized stairwell
F022- public hydrant, 2 outlet F056- alarm, manual F089- pipe hanger F122- ventilation openings
F023- wall hydrant, 2 outlet F057- speaker/horn-elec F090- angle valve F123- agent storage container
F024- private hydrant, 2 outlet F058- alarm, mini horn F091- alarm check valve F124- agent storage: carbon dioxide
F025- fire dept. 2 outlet/freestand F059- alarm horn/ light F092- dry pipe valve F125- fusible link
F026- fire dept. 2 outlet F060- alarm, horn/light - 1 F093- dry pipe valve w/ quick open F126- fusible link w/electrothermal
F027- fire dept. 1 outlet F061- alarm, lamp/light-sep F094- deluge valve F127- solenoid valve
F028- fire pump with drives F062- wet charge- auto F095- preaction valve F128- features (access etc.)
F029- freestanding test header F063- wet charge- manual F096- Not used F129- detection/extinguishers
F030- wall mounted F064- dry charged- auto F097- water extinguisher F130- detection CO2
F031- screen/strainer F065- dry charged- manual F098- foam extinguisher F131- water flow control valve
F032- control panel F066- foam sys- auto F099- extinguisher: liquid, gas, electrical F132- equipment rooms
F033- illuminated exit sign-single face F067- foam sys- manual F100-extinguisher for all fires, except metal F133- seismic bracing
F034- illuminated exit sign, dbl face      

ELECTRICAL -Symbols of the Drafting Manual

blue tackPOC: Richard Trout, ES-DE, 665-1142 blue tackDavid Smith, ES-DE, 665-5902 blue tackCommittee Members
E001 to E005- Not Used E040 Ceiling mounted light fixture E073 End of line device E104 Normally closed contact
E006 Flexible conduit E041 Wall mounted incandescent fixture E074 Fire alarm control panel E105 Normally open contact
E007 Conduit down E042 Emergency light fixture E075 Fire Alarm Raceway E106 Protective relay, solenoid coil
E008 Conduit up E043 Light pole with fixture E075A Clock outlet E107 Overload relay
E009 Not used E044 Emergency light fixture rechargeable type E075B Thermostat E108 Connection
E010 Conduit seal E045 Floodlight E076 Ceiling speaker E108A Connection
E011 Conduit cap E046 Ceiling mounted exit sign - arrow as indicated E077 Wall speaker E109 Cross, no connection
E012 Busway with description E047 Two faced exit sign E078 Telecommunications outlet E109A Cross, no connection
E013 Grounding conductor E048 Wall mounted exit sign E079 Floor mounted telecommunications outlet E110 Surge arrestor
E014 Cable tray with description E049 Clearance in front of panel board E080 Protected transmission system (PTS) data terminal connection E111 Capacitor
E015 Ceiling junction box E050 Lighting panel - 250 volts or less E081 Intercom outlet E112 Relay #1
E016 Wall junction box E051 Not used E082 Telephone raceway E113 Bus plug circuit breaker
E017 to E018 Not used E052 Transformer E083 Medium-voltage disconnect switch E114 to E115 Not used
E019 Duplex receptacle outlet E052A Fusible disconnect E084 Medium-voltage drawout circuit breaker E116 Electrical equipment designation
E020 Single receptacle outlet E053 Non-fusible disconnect switch (number indicates switch size) E085 Transformer (delta-wye conn.) E117 Mechanical equipment designation
E021 Double duplex receptacle outlet E054 Combination magnetic starter and circuit breaker E086 Shielded transformer E118 Nameplate designation
E022 Ground fault circuit interrupter duplex outlet with weatherproof cover E055 Magnetic starter (number indicates/NEMA starter size) E087 Drawout circuit breaker (trip/frame) E119 to E121 Not used
E023 Split wired duplex receptacle E056 Adjustable speed drive E087A Motor circuit breaker E122 Plug-in connector
E024 Duplex isolated ground E057 Automatic Transfer switch E088 Circuit breaker (trip/frame) E123 to E125 Not used
E025 Special purpose outlet-use subscript to identify type in specs E058 Motor (number indicates HP) E089 Fuse E126 Heat tape
E026 Floor receptacle outlet- used subscript to identify type in specs E059 Bell E090 Fusible element E127 Existing elevation
E027 Receptacle raceway E060 Horn "H" or Siren "S" E091 Fusible disconnect switch E128 Finished elevation

Single pole switch - use subscript to designate control of particular outlets

*=2 double pole switch

*=3 three-way switch

*=4 four-way switch

*=WP Weatherproof switch

*=K Key Operated switch

E061 Buzzer E092 Ground E129 Not used



E062 Pushbutton E093 Generator E130 Fault Designation



E063 Manual pull station E094 Current transformer (numbers indicate ratio and quantity) E131 Not used


E064 Fire Alarm Horn (V=Visual Signal) E095 Potential transformer (number indicates quantity) E132 TV wall outlet
E032 Dimmer switch - number indicates wattage E065 Photoelectric smoke detector E096 Ammeter switch E133 Not used
E033 Photocell E066 Ionization smoke detector E097 Voltmeter switch E134 Heater
E034 Remote control switch 6 pole, 30 amps E067 Thermal detector E098 Voltmeter E135 Transformer on pole
E035 2'x4' fluorescent light fixture A-fixture type; 1-circuit number; a switch controlling fixture E068 Duct smoke detector (photoelectric) E099 Ammeter E136 to E141 Not used
E036 1'x4' fluorescent strip fixture A-fixture type: 1- circuit number; a switch controlling fixture E069 Magnetic door holder E100 Kilowatt meter E142 Panelboard with main circuit breaker
E037 1'x4' wall mounted fluorescent fixture E070 Pressure switch E101 Automatic transfer switch E142A Panelboard with main lugs
E038 2'x2' fluorescent light fixture E071 Flow switch E102 Kirkley Interlock E143 Transient voltage Surge suppressor
E039 2'x2' fluorescent light fixture A-fixture type; 1-circuit number; a-switch controlling fixture E072 Valve supervisory switch E103 Battery E144 to E208 Not used

MECHANICAL -Symbols of the Drafting Manual

blue tackPOC: Richard Trout, ES-DE, 665-1142 blue tackDavid Smith, ES-DE, 665-5902 blue tackCommittee Members
M001- FD-Floor Drain, FS-Floor Sink, RD-Roof Drain M021- Control valve (two way) M045- Not Used M069- Fire Protection post indicating valve number
M002- Pendent sprinkler head M022- Control valve (three way) M046- Not Used M070- Block valve number- fire hydrant number
M003- Sidewall head M023- Diaphragm valve M047- Not Used M071- Water system block valve number
M004- Upright sprinkler head M024- Gate valve M048- Not Used M072- Not used
M005- Upright sprinkler head and pendent head below M025- Gate valve (angle) M049- Not Used M073- Key box
M006- alarm valve M026- Gate valve (OS&Y) M050- Automatic air vent M074- Cap or plug
M007- dry-pipe valve M027- Globe valve M051- Manual air vent M075- Flexible mechanical coupling
M008- deluge valve M028- Globe valve (angle) M052- Backflow preventer M076- Rigid mechanical coupling
M009- Pre-Action valve M029- Hose bibb w/ vac breaker M053- Floor cleanout M077- Elbow turned up
M010- Fire department connection M030- Needle valve M054- Wall cleanout M078- Elbow turned down
M011- Fire department connection free standing M031- Plug valve cock M055- End of pipe cleanout M079- Flange connection
M012- Building Fire Control Panel M032- Pressure reducing valve M056- Expansion joint M080- Reducer - concentric
M013- Halon Control Panel M033- Relief of safety valve M057- Expansion loop M081- Reducer- eccentric- bottom of pipe level
M014- Fire hydrant M034- Solenoid valve M058- Flexible pipe connection M082- Reducer- eccentric- top of pipe level
M015- Post Indicator Valve M035- Cap M059- Pipe anchor M083- Tee-outlet up
M016- EP, PE, SP, FS, FT, TT, PS, PT, TS M036 Balancing valve M060- Pressure gauge with valve M084- Tee-outlet down
M016A- other type of switch more than 2 letters M037- Not Used M061- Steam trap M085- Union
M016B- Other type switch (more than 2 letters w/ numerical tag) M038- Not Used M062- Strainer M086- End of Pipe
M017- T, H, HS, PS, TS M039- Not Used M063- Strainer w/blow-off valve strainer M087- Direction of Flow
M017A- Other type sensor (more than 2 letters) M040- Not Used M064- Thermometer M088- Pitch piping down
M017B- Other type sensor (more than 2 letters w/ numerical tag) M041- Not Used M065- Test Plug (press/temp) M089- Mechanical equipment designation
M018- Ball valve M042- Not Used M066- Temp gauge with valve M090- Mechanical equipment list
M019- Butterfly valve M043- Not Used M067- Meter  
M020- Check valve M044- Not Used M068- Carbon dioxide suppression system  

PID / PFD -Symbols of the Drafting Manual

blue tackPOC: Richard Trout, ES-DE, 665-1142 blue tackDavid Smith, ES-DE, 665-5902 blue tackCommittee Members
LEGEND.dwg P038-Not Used P098- Y-strainer P150- cooling tower
P001-electromagnetic/sonic P039- instrument ID table P099- compressed air P151- chiller
P002-undefined digital P040- valve & instr/ ID letters P100- ducted air flow from space P152- horiz. centrifugal pump
P003-pneumatic signal P041- 49 Not Used P101- capped air duct P153- centrifugal fan w/variable inlet vanes
P004-hydraulic signal P050- Not Used P102- gate valve- open P154- blower/centrifugal fan
P005-capillary tube P051- angle valve P103- gate valve- closed P155- rotary pump
P006-electromagnetic/sonic P052- butterfly valve P104- glove valve - open P156- vertical wet pit pump
P007-internal system link P053- rotary valve P105- glove valve- closed P157- progressive cavity pump
P008-mechanical link P054- 3 way P106- needle valve - open P158- vertical sump pump
P009-pneumatic binary signal P055- 4 way P107- needle valve - closed P159- fluid pump
P009A-dashed2/electric binary P056- OS&Y P108- plug-valve - open P159A- Not used
P010-Not Used P057- diaphragm P109- plug valve - closed P160- axial fan
P011-Electrical Heat Tracing P058- pressure relief P110- ball valve- open P161-axial fan w variable inlet vanes
P011A- cont/dash 2 steam heat P059- diaphragm actuator P111- ball valve- closed P162- 2-stage reciprocating air compressor
P012-discrete instrum/primary location/accessible P060-2 way, fail closed P112- check valve P163- single stage reciprocating air compressor
P013-shared display/primary location/accessible P061- 2 way, fail open P113- spring check valve P164- 2-stage rotary tooth air compressor
P014- computer/ primary location/accessible P062- 3 way, w diaphragm P114- angle-valve- open P165- reciprocating pump
P015-programmable logic/ primary location/accessible P063- 4 way, w diaphragm P115- angle valve- closed P166- pressure vessels, vertical or horizontal
P016-discrete instr./field mounted P064- spring opposed, single actuator P116- safety/relief valve (inlet port shown closed) P167- tank
P017-shared display/field mounted P065- spring-opposed, double actuator P117- 3-way valve (closed port darkened) P168- HVAC coils, (HW, DX, CH, STM, HCL, CCL)
P018- computer/field mounted P066- electrohydraulic actuator P118- 4-way valve (arrows indicate flow) P169- unit heater (HW, DX, STM, HCL)
P019- programmatic logic/field mounted P067- hand actuator or wheel P119- ball check valve P170- pressure gas bottle
P020-discrete instr./primary location /accessible P068- restriction orifice P120- dual purge valve P171- double containment tank
P021- shared display/primary location /accessible P069- restriction orifice drilled in valve P121- alarm valve P172- humidifier
P022-computer/primary location / accessible P070-flow straightening valve P122- air intake filter P173- Manual balance damper
P023-programmable logic/primary location/accessible P071- diaphragm pressure balanced P123- alarm P174- Not used
P024-discrete instr./primary location/ accessible P072- pressure-reducing regulator self-contained/adjustable set-point P124- bubble gauge P175- multi-point pilot tube array
P025-shared display/primary location/accessible P073- pressure reducing regulator w/ external pressure tap P125- in-line filter P176-damper
P026-computer/primary location/ accessible P074- differential pressure regulator P126- atmospheric filter P177- Not used
P027- programmable logic / primary location/accessible P075- back pressure regulator - self contained P127- double basket strainer P178-evaporative air cooler
P028-flow indicator for P016 P076- back pressure regulator - w/external tap P128- hose reel P179- opposing blade damper
P029-instruments common housing P077- pressure reducing regulator w/integral outlet pressure relief P129- open drain (schematic) P180- back draft damper
P030-patchboard - point 12 P078- pressure indicator P130- drain system annotations P181- separator
P031-purge/reset/interlock P079- flow direction P131- drain (plan view) P182- single duct variable volume box
P031A-signal directional P080- pressure relief or safety valve P132- cleanout (plan view) P183- wing type face and bypass damper
P032 - S/ D/ P/ T/ M/ SP P081- vacuum relief valve P133- sanitary vent P184- collection bin
P032A- root extraction P082- pressure/safety valve, straight through w/integral pilot P134- silencer/muffler P185- cyclone separator
P032B-bias P083- rupture disk/safety head for vacuum relief P135- space penetrations P186- fluid recovery pump
P032C-multiply P084- rupture disk/safety head for pressure relief P136- fixed louvers P187- dual service heat exchanger
P032D- high selecting P085- pilot light P137- trap XX annotates P187A- single service heat exchanger
P032E- low selecting P086- flex connection (rubber) P138- lubricator P188-multi-blade damper
P032F- high limiting P087- flex connection P139- 55 gallon drum P189-opposing blade damper
P032G- low limiting P088- single or venturi pilot tube P140- thermostatic vent P190- single blade damper
P032H- proportional P089- flow meter P141- sprinkler alarm P191-motor
P032I- reverse proportional P090- reducer P142- flow alarm valve P192- test port
P032J- summing P091- screwed cap P143- flow control valve P193- infrared heater
P032K- dividing P092- hose connection P144- suction diffuser P194-heater
P033- equipment tag P093- pipe cap P145- automatic air vent P195-diaphragm lined tank
P034- piping class break or ML change P094- hose connection P146- balancing valve P196-mist eliminator
P035-pipe/wire continued, arrowpoint right P095- flanged connection (piping or equip) P147- gas plub P197-HEPA filter
P036- pipe/wire continued, arrowpoint left P096- flow orifice fixed P148 Not used P198- carbon absorber filter
P037- pipe/wire continued, arrowpoint both P097- strainer with valve P149 Not used P199- filter

PLUMBING -Symbols of the Drafting Manual

blue tackPOC: Richard Trout, ES-DE, 665-1142 blue tackDavid Smith, ES-DE, 665-5902 blue tackCommittee Members
PL001-drains PL017-relief or safety valve PL033-expansion loop PL049-elbow-turned down
PL002- ball valve PL018-solenoid valve PL034-flexible pipe connection PL050-flange connection
PL003-butterfly valve PL019-switch(es) PL035-pipe anchor PL051-reducer-concentric
PL004-check valve PL020-switch w/2+ letters PL036-pressure gauge w/valve PL052-reducer-eccentric/bottom
PL005-control valve(2-way) PL021-switch w/2+ tags PL037-steam trap PL053-reducer-eccentric/top
PL006-control valve (3-way) PL022-thermostat/sensors PL038-strainer PL054-tee - outlet up
PL007-diaphram valve PL023-sensors w/2+ letters PL039-strainer w/blowoff valve PL055-tee - outlet down
PL008-gate valve PL024-sensors w/2+ and tag PL040-thermometer PL056-union
PL009-gate valve (angle) PL025-automatic air vent PL041-test plug (press/temp) PL057-flanged union
PL010-gate valve (OS&Y) PL026-manual air vent PL042-temp gauge with valve PL058-not used
PL011- glove valve PL027-backflow preventer PL043-meter PL059-direction of flow
PL012-glove valve (angle) PL028-floor cleanout PL044-carbon dioxide suppression PL060-pitch piping down
PL013-hose bibb w/vac breaker PL029-double cleanout PL045-cap on end of pipe PL061-plumbing equipment designation
PL014-needle valve PL030-wall clean out PL046-flexible mechanical coupling PL062-gas plug
PL015-plug valve cock PL031-end of pipe clean out PL047-rigid mechanical coupling PL063-balancing valve
PL016-pressure reducing valve PL032-expansion joint PL048-elbow-turned up PL064 thru 099 - Not used
      PL100-plumbing equipment list

STRUCTURAL -Symbols of the Drafting Manual

blue tackPOC: Richard Trout, ES-DE, 665-1142 blue tackDavid Smith, ES-DE, 665-5902 blue tack />Committee Members
NONE at this time      

WELDING -Symbols of the Drafting Manual

blue tackPOC: Richard Trout, ES-DE, 665-1142 blue tackDavid Smith, ES-DE, 665-5902 blue tackCommittee Members
W001- basic back arrow side W010- flare bevel, both sides W019-supplementary concave W028- groove flare V, other side
W002- basic fillet, arrow side W011- groove flare V, arrow side W020-supplementary convex W029-single bevel groove, other side
W003- basic fillet, both sides W012- groove flare V, both sides W021-supplementary field welded W030- single J groove, other side
W004- basic plug or slot, arrow side W013- single bevel groove, arrow side W022-supplementary flush W031- single U groove, other side
W005- double bevel fillet, both sides W014- single J groove, arrow side W023-supplementary, all around W032- single V groove, other side
W006- double J groove, both sides W015- single U groove, arrow side W024- basic back, other side W033- square groove, other side
W007- double U groove, both sides W016- single V groove, arrow side W025- basic fillet, other side W034- groove flare V, other side
W008- double V groove, both sides W017- square groove, arrow side W026- basic plug or slot, other side  
W009- flare bevel, arrow side W018- square groove, both sides W027- flare bevel, other side  

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