KWare Geological Software Information

Ken Wohletz MS-Windows programs are contained in the following files, which are self-installing files (*.exe) will install upon execution after downloading. Compatible for all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows up to 8.1, noting that included help files may not be accessible from newer Windows versions without installation of supplemental files from PDF-versons of help files are installed with some of the applications included below.

To get the most recent version, make sure to copy files after the date added shown below, and check version number from "help about/registration" in the program.

File Date Description
DigiMap_Install.exe (11/26/13) DigiMap (self-installing, 32-bit version 1.21.0330, 8.5 MB): Digitizes map files (09/10/96) DOSERUPT (zipped, dos version 1.6): A graphical eruption simulator
Erupt3_Install.exe (01/29/14) Erupt3 (self-installing, 32-bit version 3.02.0070, 14.3 MB): The 3D version: major advance over previous versions of Erupt
Heat3D_Install.exe (08/29/16) Heat3D (self-installing, 32-bit version 4.15.0675, 4.85 MB): A 3-D, heterogeneous heat flow solver
KWConnect-Install.exe (09/07/04) KWConnect (self-installing, 32-bit version 1.06.0226, 2.5 MB): A small system tray application to start/stop and monitor dial-up connections
KWDraw-Install.exe (10/20/05) KWDraw (QuickDraw; self-installing, 32-bit version 1.03.0040, 3.7 MB): A simple graphics creator and editing program
Magma_Install.exe (05/02/17) MAGMA (self-installing, 32-bit version 2.50.0160, 2.9 MB): Calculates volcanic rock viscosities, densities, classifications from major element chemistry
Notetime_Install.exe (06/07/13) NoteTime (self-installing, 32-bit version 2.80.0498, 6.8 MB): Applet package with alarm, net time, midiplayer, notepad, rapid shutdown, and screen saver control
PHM_Install.exe (11/26/13) PHM (self-installing, 32-bit version 1.04.0058, 3.4 MB): Calculates energetics of Phreatomagmatic eruptions
PhotoPrint_Install.exe (11/26/13) PhotoPrint (self-installing, 32-bit version 1.20.0387, 6.1 MB): For customized viewing and printing of digital images of various formats
RealTuner-Install.exe (09/07/04) RealTuner (self-installing, 32-bit version 2.35.0085, 2.6 MB): A Front-end live radio tuner for your realplayer
Stations.dat (05/15/04) RealTuner stations update
SFT_Install.exe * (11/26/13) SFT (self-installing, 32-bit version 2.19.0170, 3.2 MB): A particle size-distribution analysis program
SlideSaver-Install.exe (09/07/04) SlideSaver (self-installing, 32-bit version 1.02.0058, 3.9 MB): A screen saver to show your digital images saved on your hard drive.

Ken Wohletz Los Alamos National Laboratory,

*Note for installation of SFT:

SFT works fine in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Windows 7 had a problem with installing certain apps using its “Windows on Windows" system. Here is the workaround.

After installing SFT, search your Windows system folders for where the file grid32.ocx was installed. If you do not find it, let me know. If you do find it, do the following:
(1) Note which directory where grid32.ocx is installed (it might be windows\system32 and/or windows\sysWOW64).
(2) Open a command window (run as Administrator) and change directory to the directory where it was installed (preferably sysWOW64).
(3) Type the command "regsvr32 grid32.ocx" (without the quotes).
(4) The system should reply with a popup message saying that the file was successfully registered.
(5) If the file was in the system32 directory and regsvr32 failed, then try copying the file to the sysWOW64 directory and run regsvr32 there.
(5) Then try running SFT.
(6) Depending on how your system was installed, you may have to set the 32-bit compatibility mode* (see below).

32-bit compatibility mode:
(1) Browse your Program Files folder for “Program Files\KWare\SFT” and right click on the file “SFT.exe.”
(2) Select properties from the drop down menu.
(3) Look for the compatibility tab, and under compatibility mode check run this program in compatibility mode and select Windows XP Service Pack 3.
(4) Further down on the tab check the box "run this program as administrator".
(5) Click on change settings for all users if multiple people will run this program using different logins and click on OK at the bottom.
(6) Now try it by just double-clicking the exe file.