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Certification, technologies and assessments

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  • John M. Scott
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  • Leslie W. Sherrill
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ACQ Advanced Certification
  • Grant Bazan, program manager
  • Advanced Certification and Qualification (ACQ) focuses on developing the ability to certify a responsive stockpile, including the ability to certify non-legacy systems, as well as supporting the qualification of new technologies for planned LEPs and new designs.
C1 Primary Assessment Technologies
  • The Primary Assessment Technologies (PAT) program develops and validates science-based models to better predict the performance of nuclear weapon primaries.

    Programmatic goals
    • Develop the knowledge, skills, tools and methods that are needed to better confidently assess the performance of current stockpile primaries.
    • Assess the surety, reliability and performance of any new or modified primaries without further nuclear testing.
    • Develop science and technology capabilities, and integrate them into primary assessment
C4 Secondary Assessment Technologies
  • Sean Finnegan, program manager
  • Secondary Assessment Technologies (SAT/C4) is focused on developing an improved understanding and capability to calculate key aspects of secondary performance.


CNI Foreign Nuclear Weapon Assessment
  • Jarrett Johnson, program manager
  • The Capabilities for Nuclear Intelligence (CNI) program develops expertise and resources that support nuclear intelligence assessments and ensure the resilience of the U.S. nuclear deterrent.