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Integrated Design and Assessment

Nuclear weapon systems design and performance and reliability assessment

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  • Group Leader (acting)
  • Joseph M. Smidt
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  • Deputy Group Leader (acting)
  • Krista L. Stalsberg
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  • Administrative Assistant
  • Clara L. Cusumano
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Image shows thermonuclear simulation

Thermonuclear Simulation


To enhance the understanding of nuclear physics.

What we do

The Integrated Design and Assessment Group, XTD-IDA, designs nuclear weapon systems and assesses their performance and reliability.

XTD-IDA provides intellectual leadership toward improved predictive understanding of all aspects of nuclear weapon physics and performance, develops weapon certification methods, and plays a leadership role in the integration of weapons-directed theoretical, experimental and modeling activities throughout the Laboratory.

XTD-IDA also pursues high-energy-density physics (HEDP) science experiments to underwrite the scientific and simulation capabilities in the group. More broadly, XTD-IDA applies its technical capabilities to enhance the entire portfolio of work of the X Theoretical Design (XTD) division.