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XCP-2: Eulerian Codes

Developing the computational simulation tools needed to model highly coupled multiphysics problems within an Eulerian framework
  • tritium concentration simulation

    xRAGE simulation

    Tritium concentration in a MARBLE separated reactants capsule implosion

  • OMEGA capsule implosion

    Fuel shape colored with ion temperature in an OMEGA capsule implosion

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  • Sandra Chavez
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We are the interface through which experimentalists and model developers integrate their results into simulation tools.

In the Eulerian Codes group (XCP-2), we ensure that the state-of-the-art Eulerian numerical techniques in our products adhere to strict software-quality guidelines. We support our products through their entire life cycle, from initial development and deployment through legacy status maintenance.

Our customers and collaborators are drawn from the Laboratory and also include university astrophysicists.

We also support the simulation visualization needs of our customers by applying high performance hardware and software infrastructure to improve the understanding and advanced analysis of simulation results.

Some of our key focus areas include:

  • Code development for massively parallel computing
  • Numerical algorithmic development for Exascale computing systems or hybrid platforms
  • Compressible Eulerian AMR hydrodynamics (algorithmic development and implementation methods)
  • Thermonuclear burn
  • Material modeling (i.e. strength, damage, porosity growth, etc.) in an Eulerian algorithmic framework
  • High explosives modeling and algorithmic development
  • Use of equations of state/constitutive models in Eulerian hydrocodes
  • Laser ray-trace and laser plasma interaction (LPI) physics modeling