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Statistical Sciences

Applying statistical reasoning and rigor to multidisciplinary scientific investigations

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  • Deputy Group Leader
  • Kary Myers
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  • Group Administrator
  • Carrie Ryan
  • (505) 667-3308
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Statistical Sciences

Statistical Sciences provides statistical reasoning and rigor to multidisciplinary scientific investigations and development, application, and communication of cutting-edge statistical sciences research.

Statistical scientific expertise serving our nation

We represent the core scientific expertise in statistics at Los Alamos National Laboratory and are a key and fundamental resource for the nation, applying our expertise to a wide variety of technical problems and projects from stockpile stewardship to cyber security.

Capabilities, Research Areas
  • Uncertainty Quantification of Computer Models
  • Sampling and Data Planning
  • Design and Analysis of Experiments
  • Reliability
  • Bayesian Methods
  • Statistical Computation
  • Statistical Graphics and Visualization
  • Analysis of Measurement Systems
  • Nicholas Frontiere
  • Geralyn M. Hemphill
  • David Higdon
  • Arthur Koehler
  • William Meeker
  • Max Morris
  • Kenneth Ryan
  • Thomas Santner
  • Curtis Storlie
  • Lawrence O. Ticknor
  • Stephen Vardeman
  • Richard Warr
  • Alyson Wilson