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“Homogeneous catalysis methodologies for the upgrading of biomass derived molecules” (symposium #301)

Pacifichem 2015
January 1 - April 3 | Call for Abstracts
February 2 | Housing Opens
June 25 | Early Registration

John C. Gordon, Los Alamos National Laboratory (Corresponding Organizer)
R. Tom Baker, University of Ottawa (co-organizer)
Takao Ikariya, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Emeritus Professor (co-organizer)

This symposium will highlight the role of homogeneous catalysis in converting biomass derived molecules into chemical feedstocks, fuels, pharmaceuticals and other materials.

Bioderived molecules represent a potentially renewable source of chemicals, fuels and polymers. Researchers who apply homogeneous catalysis methodologies to the upgrading of biomass derived molecules into such species may thus be interested in participating in this symposium.  We will have talks from internationally renowned experts in the field spanning inorganic/organometallic catalysis as well as biological approaches applicable to this emerging and important area of science.

For those interested in participation in the symposium, instructions for abstract submission.