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Safeguards Measurements

Safeguards require precise analytical chemistry

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Actinide Analytical Chemistry provides tools and expertise for the safeguards mission

Safeguards measurement activities support control of accountable nuclear materials and special nuclear materials through analytical chemistry. This effort overlaps somewhat with nuclear forensics in that its objective is to detect and deter the malicious diversion and use of nuclear materials.

Heat sources for spacecraft

Plutonium-238 radioisotope power systems will generate electricity for the NASA Mars Science Laboratory rover, giving the mission an operating lifespan on Mars’ surface of at least a full Martian year, while also providing greater operational flexibility, enhanced science payload capability, and exploration of a much larger range of latitudes and altitudes than was possible on previous missions to Mars. Actinide Analytical Chemistry performed the chemical analyses required to certify 32 60-watt heat sources for this mission.

238Pu general purpose heat source (GPHS).  These heat sources have flown on many NASA missions.Gas Extraction System for volatile fission products in nuclear fuels or debris.