Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratory

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3D Animation: VISIBLE Team

Deliver scientific, illustrative, educational, and/or promotional content across the Laboratory.

  • West Vehicle Access (WVA) at TA-55

    West Vehicle Access (WVA) at TA-55

  • Firefighter Training at TA-55

    Firefighter Training at TA-55

  • Firefighter Training at TA-55

    Firefighter Training at TA-55

  • DARHT Firing Point

    DARHT Firing Point

  • HAZMAT Decontamination Line Training

    HAZMAT Decontamination Line Training

  • N.R.C PIDAS Utility

    N.R.C PIDAS Utility

  • Firefighter Radiation Training

    Firefighter Radiation Training

  • Visitor Escort Procedure at TA-55

    Visitor Escort Procedure at TA-55

  • DARHT Capacitor Banks

    DARHT Capacitor Banks

  • Fukushima Data Integration

    Fukushima Data Integration

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  • Visible Team
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Leveraging Virtual Reality to Bring You Tangible Results

Our clients work with us to deliver scientific, illustrative, educational, and/or promotional content throughout the Lab and with our community. Our work consistently makes a powerful impact and offers measurable results for leaders within DOE, as well as the Aerospace, Defense, and Engineering industries.


The VISIBLE Team develops innovative and appealing 3D programs and videos.

  • Short films
  • Interactive training modules
  • Mobile apps
  • 3D simulations
  • Virtual recreations

All configurable for a wide variety of platforms, from PC/Mac OS to mobile devices.


Our team is comprised of professional programmers, 3D artists, game developers, and visual effects artists. We are professionally trained to dig into the detailed requirements of our clients’ work and produce engaging and informative demonstrations that are easily understood by wide audiences.

Featured Projects

  • High hazard facility training for firefighters and emergency first responders
  • Realistic and accurate training for radiological and chemical mitigation without using real materials
  • Security system design utilities for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Virtual recreations of the Fukushima facility used to brief POTUS and evaluate tsunami effects and failure scenarios
  • Architectural and land development projects for planning facilities within the DOE
  • Vulnerability analyses for nuclear facilities
  • Virtual recreations of archaeological and historical sites not open to the public
  • Real-time integration of 3D models with data from tracking systems depicting the location of chemical and radiological material(s) whether stationary or in transit
  • Virtual recreations of 1945 Los Alamos during the Manhattan era in association with the Bradbury Science Museum for the Los Alamos National Park

The VISIBLE team continues to pioneer cutting edge visual media products that can help you meet your deliverables and build successful projects and partnerships.  Let us know what you need, and we will help take your goal, project, or team to the next level.