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Applied Mathematics and Plasma Physics

Maintaining mathematic, theory, modeling, and simulation capabilities in a broad set of areas


  • Deputy Group Leader
  • David Moulton
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Electron density simulation

Electron density from an orbital-free quantum molecular dynamics simulation for a warm dense plasma of deuterium at density 10 g/cc and temperature 10 eV.

Mathematical, theory, modeling, and simulation

  • Applied Scientific Computing Research
  • Numerical analysis
  • Algorithm development
  • Nonlinear partial differential equations
  • Integrated plasma simulation
  • Theoretical modeling applied to magnetic fusion
  • Inertial confinement fusion
  • Astrophysical and space plasmas
  • Dense, strongly coupled and quantum plasma
  • Mathematics and physics analysis of large data sets
  • Problems in the information, science, and technology portfolio
  • Computational neuroscience
  • Computational biology and biophysics
  • Network analysis
  • Mathematical modeling applied to emergent Threat Reduction and Energy Security problems
  • Plasma physics applied to emergent Energy Security problems
  • Software engineering
  • Algorithm development for scalable scientific computing on novel parallel architecture