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High Performance Computing Mini-Showcase Posters

Explore the multiple dimensions of a career at Los Alamos Lab: work with the best minds on the planet in an inclusive environment that is rich in intellectual vitality and opportunities for growth.
  • 2019 HPC Interns

  • 2019 CSCNSI Interns


These are the posters from the 2019 HPC Mini-showcase. Click on the poster title to view. The 2020 HPC Mini-showcase will be virtual, click 2020 HPC Mini-showcase to view details.


Falling STAR: How Livermore's Mistake Brought the Cray-1 to Los Alamos
Examining Contextual-based Error Correction Techniques in CLAMR
Developing a Website for High-level Visualization of Modulefile Usage Data
HPC State Anomaly Detection and Visualization with SaNSA
The Deployment of LDMS on Cray Systems
Bringing Workflows to Life Using a Graph Database with BEE
Shortening Hamming Codes to Better Correct 2-Bit Errors
Building Complex Software Applications Inside of a Container
The GUTS of HPC's Historical Archive: Grand Unified Text Search (GUTS)
Progression of Live Operation Monitoring
KrakenBoot: Firmware-Level Cluster Provisioning via UEFI Surgery
Exploring Mellanox Bluefield SmartNICs as Accelerators for Heterogeneous Architectures
Profiling HPC Application Resilience using DisCVar
The Symlink Ranch: An Unprivileged Overlayfs for all Distributions
Porting mini-apps to ARM HPC systems
Using Kraken for HPC Cluster Management
Differential Privacy for Supercomputer Sensor Data
Investigating the use of BlueField with OpenSHMEM and MPI over OpenUCX distributed applications
Improving SaNSA: Integration with Spark and Tivan
Improvements Towards the Release of the Pavilion 2.0 Test Harness



LayerCake Workflow: Incorporating Containers into an HPC Environment
Exploring Computational System Health Monitoring and Reporting Solutions
An Analysis of the effects of the Spectre and Meltdown patches on the Lustre parallel file system
sFlow Monitoring for Security and Reliability