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High Performance Computing (HPC)

Providing world-class high performance computing capability that enables unsurpassed solutions to complex problems of strategic national interest
  • Trinity supercomputer

    Trinity Supercomputer

    An advanced technology system.

  • Water-cooled infrastructure

    Water-cooled infrastructure

    Warm-water-cooling supports the Trinity supercomputer as well as future supercomputers.

  • Cabinet installation

    Cabinet installation

    Each set of 12 cabinets is delivered, connected, and tested by the Cray installation team.


  • Deputy Division Leader
  • Randal Rheinheimer
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  • Chief of Staff
  • Leslie Martinez
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Managing world-class supercomputing centers

High Performance Computing video

Gary Grider, HPC Division Leader

The High Performance Computing (HPC) Division supports the Laboratory mission by managing world-class Supercomputing Centers.

This includes specifying, operating, and assisting in the use of both open and secure high performance computing, storage, and emerging data-intensive information science production systems for multiple programs.


HPC Division translates evolving HPC technologies into the assets deployed in our data centers.  This unprecedented-scale computing capability provides solutions to complex problems of strategic national interest.  Our activities span repeated lifetimes of supercomputing systems and infrastructure:

Defining Future Environments

  • Communication and collaborations with industry and academia to follow and shape future supercomputing technology
  • Consultative design and deployment of facility infrastructure supporting future supercomputing
  • HPC-specific system software R&D
  • Testbed explorations of new computing and infrastructure technologies
  • Specifying and assisting in the procurement of small scale to large scale acquisitions
  • Stewardship of programmatic resources via program and project management
  • Integration of computing and supporting infrastructure technology into a fully operational supercomputing environment

Providing Current Capability

  • Scientific Software Engineering services provided to the broader Laboratory
  • Hardware monitoring and maintenance
  • System software monitoring and maintenance
  • Operation and expert support of computing, interconnects, networks, and storage
  • HPC-specific facility and environmental operations
  • Direct user support
Group Contacts

HPC-SYS, HPC Systems
Group Leader: Jeff Johnson
Deputy Group Leader: Carolyn Connor

HPC-ENV, HPC Environments
Group Leader: Cindy Martin
Deputy Group Leader: Andrew Montoya

Group Leader: Dave Morton
Deputy Group Leader: Alfred Torrez

Programs Supported
  • Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC)
  • Institutional Computing- Institutional Computing provides production high performance computing resources for open and collaborative science at LANL. Access is available to every scientist and engineer at LANL through a competitive, peer-reviewed proposal process.
  • Other emerging Information Science programs