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Information Sciences

Uncovering actionable knowledge and generating insight into exascale datasets from heterogeneous sources in real time


  • Deputy Group Leader
  • Kari Sentz
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Conceptual illustration of futuristic data stream processing.

Developing methods and tools for understanding complex interactions and extracting actionable information from massive data streams.

Basic and applied research supporting national security science

  • Machine Learning and Anomaly Detection
  • Image, Video, and Signal Analysis
  • Discrete-Event Simulation
  • Combinatorial Algorithm Design
Application Areas
  • Computational-Co-Design
  • Video Database Search Technology
  • Energy Delivery Systems Analysis
  • Cybersecurity
  • Roumen Andonov (Guest Scientist)
  • Marian Anghel
  • John Bilberry
  • Christopher Brislawn
  • Guillaume Chapuis
  • Judith Cohn
  • Hristo Djidjev
  • Patricia Fasel
  • Richard Fortson (Guest Scientist)
  • Cristina Garcia-Cardona
  • John Hogden
  • James Howse
  • Patrick Kelly, Group Leader
  • Soumya Kundu
  • Amy Larson, Deputy Group Leader
  • Susan Mniszewski
  • Rahul Mukundan
  • Mohammad Obaida
  • Cecilia Osorio
  • Eun Jung Park
  • Benjamin Reidys
  • Reid Rivenburgh
  • Nandakishore (Nandu) Santhi
  • Richard Strelitz
  • Sunil Thulasidasan
  • Loren Toole
  • Charlie Vollmer
  • Michael Wall
Software Downloads

  • Sequedex (DNA Sequence Classification)
  • SimX (Python-based engine for Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation)
  • Simian (Python-based engine for Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation)