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Newsletter provides materials' news from the Materials Physics and Applications Division: interviews with staff, awards, latest research published.

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Spring 2021 (pdf)

  • Mukund Mukundan: Driven to solve tough energy challenges
  • From Andrew's desk
  • From Leonardo's desk
  • A new approach toward high-quality epitaxial actinide thin films
  • MPA Staff in the News
  • HeadsUp!
  • Celebrating service

Fall 2020 (pdf)

  • Nick Sirica: Bright light, big physics
  • From Andrew's desk
  • From Steve's desk
  • MPA bolsters Lab's efforts to advance quantum technology, resilient energy projects
  • MPA staff in the news
  • Innovative nano S&T focus of 2020 CINT annual meeting
  • HeadsUP!
  • Celebrating service

Summer 2020 (pdf)

  • Rod Borup: Recognized for enduring technological contributions
  • From Wolfgang’s desk
  • From Adam’s desk
  • Frustrating harmful dendrite formation in potassium ion batteries
  • From a Mott insulator to an ideal two-dimensional metal
  • First-ever actinide-zirconium framework synthesized
  • HeadsUp!
  • Celebrating service

Spring 2020 (pdf)

  • Hollingsworth joins Nano Letters editorial advisory board
  • Los Alamos expertise tapped for how to build the essential resonant ultrasound spectrometer
  • From David's desk
  • From Rajinder's desk
  • Controllable spatial modulation of superconductivity
  • HeadsUp!
  • Celebrating service