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Applied Electrodynamics

Applying accelerator-based technologies to national security directed-energy missions

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  • Dimtri Dimitrov
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Cover art from LANL Accelerator Strategy Document.

Cover art from LANL Accelerator Strategy Document.

Applied Electrodynamics (AOT-AE) Group maintains a vigorous and robust technical base for addressing DOE and DoD needs by balancing its project portfolio between exploratory research, infrastructure development, and programmatic deliverables for sponsors, including LANSCE, DARHT, and emerging accelerator programs. Roughly 1/3 of funding comes from the Lab’s Directed Research and Development Program, another third from LANSCE, and the remaining from DoD, DOE, and other WFO sponsors.

Our mission is to understand and exploit the generation, propagation and interaction of electromagnetic phenomena for Laboratory mission needs. We fit within a larger eco-system at the Laboratory and collaborate with other Divisions and Directorates. We develop strategies for improving short and long-term performance and capability of our local accelerator (LANSCE), and lead the technical charge in preparing for potentially large future programs, e.g., Matter-Radiation Interactions in Extremes (MaRIE). Further, we influence the R&D roadmap for accelerator R&D within the Laboratory and nation (e.g., ADEF, LDRD).

Key Thrust Areas
  • Free-electron lasers (FELs)
  • High-power microwaves (HPM)
  • Compact radiography