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Accelerator Operations

Operating the LANSCE Accelerator

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  • Everett Espinoza
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LANSCE Accelerator Operations Central Control Room

LANSCE Accelerator Operations Central Control Room.

Accelerator Operations (AOT-OPS) Group operates the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) accelerator; designs, installs, and maintains protective systems; operates the 1L (Lujan Center) target; and designs, maintains, and operates 1L target systems.

AOT-OPS provides for safe and efficient operation of the LANSCE beam delivery systems on a 24/7 basis during operational periods. This effort includes delivering 100 MeV H+ ions to the Isotope Production Facility, 800 MeV H- ions to the Proton Radiography facility or the Ultra-Cold Neutron facility, and simultaneously delivering 800 MeV H- ions to the Weapons Neutron Research facility and the Lujan Center.

  • Beam Delivery
  • 1L Target
  • Protective Systems
  • Safe and efficient control room operations
  • Design, development, installation, and maintenance for personnel and equipment protective systems
  • Design, development, installation, operation, and maintenance of the Lujan Target-Moderator-Reflector System (TMRS)