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Safeguards and Security Technology Training Program

Training courses focus on nondestructive assay techniques applied to nuclear safeguards and security applications. Instruction focuses on hands-on measurements in a laboratory setting using real nuclear material in small groups led by experienced instructors.

  • 5 Ring Neutron

    Fundamentals of Nondestructive Assay


  • Advanced Neutron Nondestructive Assay


  • Plutonium Calorimetric Assay


  • Advanced Gamma Nondestructive Assay


  • Statistical Concepts in Nuclear Safeguards



Safeguards Training Courses

Below is the list of courses offered at Los Alamos National Laboratory in 2021.

Course Name Dates (2021)
Fundamentals of Nondestructive Assay Feb.8-12, April 12-16, July 12-16 & Oct.25-29
Advanced Gamma Nondestructive Assay March 8-12
Advanced Neutron Nondestructive Assay March 15-19
Plutonium Calorimetric Assay May 4-6, June 28-30
Statistical Concepts of Nuclear Safeguards May 18-20


COVID Impact

These training courses will be held in compliance with LANL's COVID policies. Since the pandemic is constantly evolving, we cannot predict what restrictions may be in place at the time of the scheduled courses. As such, we will continue to monitor the situation and decide the participant eligibility approximately one month before the course. All participants who register for the course should be aware that last minute changes to the COVID policies may affect their ability to attend these training courses. The eligibility to attend the training courses may include locations where you have been in the past two weeks and the mission essential need to take the training course. Participant limits will vary to ensure safety. Possible variations of the participants may range from:

1) Course open with no COVID restrictions

2) Course open to participants who have been in the United States for the past two weeks

3) Course open to participants from selected states

4) Course open to New Mexico residents and on a case-by-case bases to non-residents of New Mexico

5) Course open to New Mexico residents only

6) Course open to LANL employees only

7) Cancellation of course

To be added to our course announcement, email distribution lists or for any other questions please email: safeguards-training@lanl.gov.

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