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Mission-driven science and innovation to protect the nation from biological, chemical, and environmental threats
  • Biofuels to epidemics

    Biofuels to epidemics

  • Genomes to ecosystems

    Genomes to ecosystems

  • Experimental science to computation

    Experimental science to computation

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Science and innovation to protect living things and the environment

Bioscience Division comprises a diverse group of experimentalists and computer scientists who work closely with other interdisciplinary scientists across the Laboratory and beyond.

Our work serves the nation by developing science and technology to reduce natural and deliberate biological and chemical threats to human and animal populations, their way of life, and the global environment. 

From biosecurity preparedness to seeking solutions to climate and clean energy challenges, our scientists are:

  • Improving vaccine and therapeutics development
  • Developing analytics and machine learning for disease characterization and biosurveillance 
  • Researching how organisms function and interact through microbiome analyses and integrated multi-omics
  • Using next generation genomics and microbial ecology to evaluate nutrient cycling and plant productivity
  • Creating competitive methods for sustainability through biomanufacturing and biofuels development
  • Inventing new approaches for bio and chem threat detection and characterization
  • Designing bioengineered organ platform for toxicology analysis and more
  • Studying antimicrobial resistance and host-pathogen interactions
  • Analyzing the impacts of climate change on disease emergence
Our Science


  • Integrated multi-omics
  • Biochemistry
  • Structural biology
  • Synthetic biology
  • Host pathogen biology

Focus Areas

  • Biofuels, biomaterials, and biosynthesis
  • Terrestrial biosystems and environmental impacts
  • Biosurveillance
  • Chemical and biological threat science
  • Health effects and countermeasures
Our People

Bioscience Division comprises approximately 70 permanent scientific staff members and numerous postdocs and students.

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Our Programs

Learn more about a few of our scientific programs: