Hydrogen in Materials

July 12-20, 2007

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico USA

The school is intended for graduate students in the natural sciences with an interest in applying neutron scattering to the study of hydrogen in materials. Lectures will cover an introduction to neutron scattering techniques (small angle scattering, diffraction, reflectometry, spectroscopy) as well as recent developments in hydrogen research. The lectures will be complemented by hands-on experiments using the instruments LQD, NPDF, HIPPO, FDS and SPEAR.

Toward a hydrogen economy....

The 2004 Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee workshop report, Basic Research Needs to Assure a Secure Energy Future states a number of goals for science and engineering research related to hydrogen: “…designing, modeling, fabricating, characterizing, analyzing, assembling, and using a variety of new materials and structures … for energy related applications”, as well as “understanding, modeling, and controlling chemical reactivity and energy transfer processes … at interfaces and on surfaces for energy-related applications”. A new paradigm is required for the development of hydrogen storage materials to facilitate a future hydrogen economy. Basic chemical and physical knowledge of hydrogen-rich materials will provide the basis for development of high-capacity hydrogen storage materials for distributed energy in the future.

... with the help of neutron scattering

Low-energy neutrons are a unique probe for the study of structure and dynamics in solids and liquids. Neutron energies are comparable to interatomic distances and to rotational and vibrational energies. The simplicity of the neutron-nucleus interaction and the remarkable strength of the proton-neutron interaction, makes neutron scattering a very unique probe to study hydrogen in materials.

Link to the flyer for the 2007 LANSCE Neutron School:

Flyer for the 2007 Neutron School

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