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  • Modern myth-buster

    Employee Spotlight: Modern myth-buster

    Spotting and correcting many of the"science myths" emanating from the Internet, so-called experts and word of mouth. - 7/29/20

  • Alice Barthel

    Employee Spotlight: Giving every troubled child a voice

    Alice serves as a child’s primary advocate, in essence speaking for a child during child-welfare cases - 4/29/20

  • Michael Lake

    Employee Spotlight: Aiming for firearms safety and fun

    A rifle and pistol competitor since high school, Michael A. Lake has since become an armorer, gunsmith, and range safety officer whose focus is on firearms safety and fun. - 1/29/20

  • Thaddeus Lewis Kostrubala

    Employee Spotlight: Thaddeus Lewis Kostrubala

    For about 20 years, Thaddeus (“Tadz”) Kostrubala has volunteered as a foster caregiver for stray and abused dogs and cats so that they are more easily adopted. - 1/29/20

  • Garrick Snider

    Employee Spotlight: Garrick Snider

    An avid swimmer since youth, Garrick Snider enjoys participating in a series of open-water swims designed to test the skill and endurance of swimmers who can go mile after mile in big bodies of water like rivers, lakes and oceans. - 11/26/19

  •  Joe Fawcett

    Employee Spotlight: Joe Fawcett

    If it’s soccer season, Joe Fawcett is likely out on the field working as a referee. - 10/29/19

  •  Eric Yee and Lawrence Trujillo

    Employee Spotlight: Eric Yee and Lawrence Trujillo

    Eric Yee and Lawrence Trujillo play guitars for New Mexican music bands like Al Hurricane, Jr., Lorenzo Antonio, and Sparx. - 9/25/19

  • Josh Valdez

    Employee Spotlight: Josh Valdez

    On any given weekend, Joshua N. Valdez of the Material Management & Business Services (NPI-8) group and his family can be found riding horses, practicing roping and participating in team-roping competitions throughout New Mexico. - 8/28/19

  • Carol A. Salazar

    Employee Spotlight: Carol A. Salazar

    An avid strength trainer, Carol A. Salazar of the Financial Compliance group (FA-FC) has recently started competitive bodybuilding. Carol performed so well at her debut competition that she turned professional and plans to participate in the national bodybuilding championships in the near future. - 8/7/19

  • Gary Parker

    Employee Spotlight: Gary Parker

    Gary R. Parker of the Explosive Applications and Special Projects (M-6) group loves to practice bouldering, a niche sport associated with rock climbing. Today, Gary uses his interests in photography and videography to map and introduce new sites to the bouldering community. - 5/28/19

  • Katya Davydenko

    Employee Spotlight: Katya Davydenko

    Ekaterina Davydenko of Site Infrastructure & Programs Software loves all breeds of dogs but was drawn to working dogs. - 4/24/19

  • Bill Priedhorsky

    Employee Spotlight: Bill Priedhorsky

    Bill Priedhorsky of Laboratory-Directed Research & Development enjoys hiking and exploring the outdoors. - 3/28/19

  • Frederico “Cisco” Archuleta

    Employee Spotlight: Frederico “Cisco” Archuleta

    Frederico “Cisco” Archuleta of Hazardous Materials Management plays acoustic and electric bass guitar for music genres such as country, folk and Spanish and mariachi music. - 2/26/19

  • Benjamin Yeamans

    Employee Spotlight: Benjamin Yeamans

    Benjamin Yeamans of W88 Systems Engineering (W-4) volunteers at Atalaya Search and Rescue. A member of the technical rope rescue team, Ben helps rescue people trapped in difficult-to-access locations in the mountains of New Mexico. - 12/18/18

  • Jocelyn Buckley

    Employee Spotlight: Jocelyn Buckley

    Determined to conquer her fear of flying, Jocelyn Buckley of Waste Management Programs (EPC-WMP) earned her private pilot’s license, bought her own plane, and now commutes to and from work every day. - 11/28/18

  • Myles Cartelli

    Employee Spotlight: Myles Cartelli

    As a young man, Myles Cartelli of Weapons Fabrication Services (PF-WFS) learned welding, machining and fabricating. The skills he refined working at the Laboratory came in handy when he started modifying off-road vehicles for extreme sports such as rock crawling. - 10/30/18

  • Michael E. Martinez

    Employee Spotlight: Michael E. Martinez

    Growing up surrounded by a creative family, Michael E. Martinez (Q-6) began to draw and paint. Inspired by the diverse cultures in New Mexico, Michael soon found other outlets for his art, such as t-shirt designs, posters, and customized shoes. - 9/25/18

  • James Robinson

    Employee Spotlight: James Robinson

    As a kid, James Robinson of Investigations and Policy (ADMASER-IP) helped rehabilitate injured animals. This passion led him to help found the Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation, which raises funds to rehabilitate wild animals throughout New Mexico. - 8/29/18

  • Donald DeChellis

    Employee Spotlight: Donald DeChellis

    Donald DeChellis of Metal Production (PT-1) is a speedrunner, a new type of video-gamer whose goal is to complete entire runs of videogames as quickly as possible. - 6/26/18

  • Mari Roberson

    Employee Spotlight: Mari Roberson

    For Mari Roberson of the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), there’s nothing more exciting than riding at full gallop on her horse while popping balloon targets with her single-action revolver. - 5/29/18

  • Sheryl Bailey

    Employee Spotlight: Sheryl Bailey

    A theater director with more than 20 plays under her belt, Sheryl Bailey of the Acquisition Services Management Division Office (ASM-DO) has a passion for working on new plays, those not previously produced for the theater. - 4/24/18

  • Tony Valdez

    Employee Spotlight: Tony Valdez

    In a professional boxing career that has earned him eight wins, seven by knockout, Tony Valdez today trains the next generation of fighters at his own gym in Española, New Mexico. Tony's goal is to pass on the easy way what he learned the hard way. - 3/28/18