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The Bradbury Science Museum offers unique resources and experiences for student groups.

Bradbury Science Museum Exploration  

Bring history to life

  • Examine primary sources and artifacts from the World War II Manhattan Project at Los Alamos from Einstein's letter to President Roosevelt to the electronic fireset that set off Fat Man.
  • Watch the 15-minute documentary film Racing Toward Dawn.
  • Meet some of the people who played important roles at Los Alamos.

Find science inspiration

  • Listen to personal narratives recorded by current Los Alamos scientists about the work they do.
  • Participate in interactive exhibits showcasing current LANL projects including:
    • nanotechnology
    • algae biofuels
    • environmental monitoring
    • supercomputing
    • the Mars Science Laboratory rover, Curiosity
    • understanding radiation.

Challenge yourself

  • Use scientific thinking to solve problems at our puzzle tables.
  • Try your hand at our particle accelerator simulation game.
  • Learn to operate a Marchant calculator and be a human computer.
  • Complete our scavenger hunts, available for pre-readers through high school here at the museum.