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@theBradbury is a monthly electronic newsletter that highlights news and events at the Bradbury Science Museum, as well as including information on the Lab’s best research and innovations.


May 2019

In our May issue, we invite you to register for "behind the fence" public tours of Manhattan Project National Historical Park sites at Los Alamos. You're also invited to the Bradbury to learn about the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies through their newest exhibit. We look at an a civil defense kit from the Cold War, talk about wire gold, and let you peek into what will soon be Gadgets, the newest BSMA gift shop. We also remind folks that wildfire season is approaching and offer some tips to stay safe. Finally, we look at some of the newest innovations in science at the Lab and let you know what's happening at the Museum this month....more 

April 2019

In our April issue, we let you in on the BSMA's plans for their gift shop, invite you to join the BSMA Teen Advisory Board for their first Teen Night at the Bradbury, and have a little fun with a #tbt artifact from the Museum's educational collection. We also give you an update on The Ribosome Machine, one of the Bradbury's NOTEs program offerings and say goodbye to to Renee Johansen, one of our Scientist Ambassadors. We discuss bio-engineering and additive manufacturing at the Lab and highlight a new intern program at the Lab....more 

March 2019

In March's issue, we invite you to join the BSMA for Night with a Nerd, launch the Bradbury's new Museum Explorations program and Mini-Maker space, discuss Museum collections, and compare electric and fuel-cell power for cars. We also highlight the Lab's work with neutron characterization techniques and sweet uses for super-computer simulations. ....more

February 2019

This issue, we invite you to join us at the premiere of Racing Toward Dawn at the Museum. We also examine the Idenden collection in our Artifacts column and look into medical applications of the ACCOBeam. Plus, we let you know where Gadgets is going and how you can help the Bradbury Science Museum Association support STEM education in Northern New Mexico. Also in February's issue, more about Bette Korber's talk, “Toward a World Without AIDS: Developing a Vaccine Against HIV,” part of the Lab's Frontiers in Science lecture series sponsored by the Fellows of Los Alamos National Laboratory. Finally, don't miss the articles about Lab research on fuel-cell innovations and squashed quantum dots!

January 2019

In January's issue, we introduce the Bradbury Science Museum Association's new educational docent program, discuss retired artifacts from Los Alamos' involvement in the Human Genome Project, and ponder the viability of increased biofuel use for transportation. We also highlight the Lab's work on ice modeling and machine learning for earthquake prediction....more

December 2018

In December's issue, we examine how the Museum brings Lab research to the nation and beyond. We also discuss our participation in the Collaboration for Ongoing Visitor Experience Studies, talk about photo restoration in our collections, and highlight some of the Lab's innovative research projects...more

November 2018

In the November issue we introduce you to our new community education team, Pamela Dresher and Mel Strong.  We'll talk about artifact collections dilemmas and space junk, and let you know about several upcoming events at the Museum including a book signing with Whitney Spivey and Brenda Fleming and a BSMA membership event. We also highlight additional research done at Los Alamos exploring arctic greening and newly detected microquasar gamma-rays. All this and more.

The Bradbury's new folding, temporary exhibit structure

October 2018

In the October issue you'll learn about our traveling exhibit "Building Immunity" and its loan to the Connecticut Science Center. We delve into a treasured time capsule, discuss a common question about radiation, and offer our Lab partners a new exhibit format. We also highlight additional research done at Los Alamos in the field of chemical bonding and explore a unique centrifuge facility. Finally, we highlight some of the great things happening at the Bradbury, including October's Science on Tap and Scientist in the Spotlight events, and High Tech Halloween. All this and more.

The Bradbury's new folding, temporary exhibit structure

September 2018

In the September issue you'll learn about our traveling exhibit program and design process and we take a closer look at one of our smaller artifacts, the BaDx, to discuss how research at the Lab is setting standards for disease detection and diagnosis.  We also highlight additional research done at Los Alamos in the fields of radiation detection and ACCObeam technology. Finally, we highlight some of the great things happening at the Bradbury, including Robotics Night and Scientist in the Spotlight. All this and more.

Items from Pond Cabin

August 2018

In the August issue we highlight the Pond Cabin, one of the properties within the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, and our National Outreach Traveling Exhibits (NOTEs) program. We also talk about explosions and detonations, the Congressional App Challenge, our upcoming book signing with Misty Carty and August's Science on Tap speaker, Jessica Kubicek-Sutherland.  All this and more.

Linda Deck

July 2018

In the July issue we highlight where the Museum is heading in the near future, recap some cool events we helped with in June, answer a question about why we might be involved in food security, mention our participation in the upcoming ScienceFest, and even cover how to display vintage clothing.  All this and more.

Mars rover in the lab.

June 2018

In the June issue we highlight several events coming this summer including a special exhibit at the New Mexico History Museum on the Manhattan Project, Doctor Atomic at the Santa Fe Opera, a special "Night with a nerd" event centering on the latest Mars rover mission, and our usual Scientist in the Spotlight and Science On Tap opportunities. In addition, we offer a glimpse into a project designed to raise financial and math literacy as well as our "Science question of the month" on tiny, 3D printing. All this and more.

Celebrating the Museum's 25th anniversary

May 2018

In the May issue we highlight our 25th anniversary at our downtown location, talk about what defensible space is with regard to wildfire, and show items distributed during the Cold War. We also feature some of our science outreach and list special events for the public and more.

Planes of fame still

April 2018

In the April issue we highlight a new, temporary exhibit on some of the planes from WWII, talk about the creation of trinitite, and look into the importance of nuclear power for space exploration. We also include information on our busy month of March and some upcoming events. All this and more.

Bradbury at Trinity

March 2018

In the March issue we highlight a number of upcoming events including a celebration of the Lab's 75th anniversary and a "Night with a Nerd" along with our other standing monthly events. We also include an article on the the work we're doing to speed the testing of new drugs and talk about some signs we've collected from various places and times. All this and more.


February 2018

In the February issue we highlight the Bradbury Science Museum Association's financial outreach to help children learn to incorporate math into their everyday activities, show a couple of items donated to the Museum by our previous director, and answer a question about why quantum computers are important. All this and more.


Traveling exhibition

January 2018

In the January issue we highlight the first location for our traveling exhibit on ribosomes, grants to assist area schools to get to the Museum for science learning, a science question about fungi, and  how we get our "hands" on replacement gloves for one of our interactives. All this and more.

Fuller Lodge

December 2017

In the December issue we highlight our hosting of the annual New Mexico Association of Museums, more school visits to come in 2018, answer a question about magnets, and remind people of our hours during Christmas and New Year's. All this and more.

ASTC exhibit

November 2017

In the November issue we highlight our exhibit experience at the Association of Science - Technology Centers, talk about how to spot phoney "mementoes," mention a couple of recent events to encourage science learning, and include some information on current Laboratory research. All this and more.


October 2017

In the October issue we share what we've learned through a year's worth of data gathering from our visitors, talk about the difficulties of potentially harnessing lightning as a power source, show a new, historic quilt we've acquired, include upcoming events  and more.

Comics and kiosk

September 2017

In the September issue we highlight a new comics/science lecture and workshop, talk about a unique item we have that belonged to J. Robert Oppenheimer, answer a science question. We also include some photos from our recent robotics night   some of the back-to-school resources we have available, highlight one of newest artifacts and answer our monthly science question. To round things out, we also have a couple of our latest science breakthroughs and more.

Back to school

August 2017

In the August issue we cover some of the back-to-school resources we have available, highlight one of newest artifacts and answer our monthly science question. In case you’re in the neighborhood, we also include some activities coming up in August--including robotics night, this and more.

Sample of new exhibit activies

July 2017

In the July issue we cover exciting new exhibits and interactive displays related to the Manhattan Project, answer a question related to the ancient Greeks and the atom, talk about a new addition to our collection that fits one person comfortably, and highlight a couple of recent science stories. In case you’re in the neighborhood, we also include some activities coming up in July and more.

Picture of atom

June 2017

In the June issue we learn about our director's recent trip to Rome as part of a group helping to open a new science museum there, the origin of the "Manhattan Project" name, our current temporary display on a Nobel Prize winner and more.

Picture of atom

May 2017

In the May issue we have pieces on how an atom "knows" when to decay, the challenges of keeping the items in our collection in the best possible shape, how students are helping us provide new experiences on the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, as well as some upcoming events at the Museum. Read these stories and more.

 Earth day logo

April 2017

This month we celebrate Earth Day, have an answer to a science question that “will blow you away,” highlight a new model on display and talk about upcoming events.  Read these stories and more.

Pi day

March 2017

In this issue, we ask you to help celebrate Pi Day, tell you what we are learning about our visitors, and take a look our cruise missile shell. We also relate how the Bradbury Science Museum Association is helping with regional educational outreach and highlight a current research story on computational science. Our local Science on Tap and Scientist in the Spotlight events are also listed. Read these stories and more.

PICT students

February 2017

In this issue we highlight our ongoing work with students from Highlands University, a very old "sign of the time" for Norris Bradbury, and our science question of the month talks about lasers and shiny surfaces and more.

We're in the book

January 2017

We're now a place to see before you die, we answer a question about babies born in post offices, and share information about an important, new artifact. We also cover everything from our top 10 news stories of the year to what's available through the new gift kiosk, and more...

pearl harbor exhibit at the museum

December 2016

A temporary exhibit opens on the history of Pearl Harbor, our science question explores different ways to see what’s below our skin, and the Bradbury Science Museum Association starts to sell souvenirs. The issue also highlights an employee who works to increase the production of much-needed medical isotopes, our recent R&D 100 awards, and more...

view of new exhibit at the museum

November 2016

A new nuclear safeguards exhibit opens, our science question asks if a bomb could disrupt a hurricane, the Bradbury Science Museum Association is accepting members and volunteers, and a temporary display covers some data visualization history. In this issue we also highlight some of our cutting-edge science and more...

The artists who created the figures are now world-renowned.

October 2016

Read a little background on those much beloved figures of Oppie and Groves in our History Gallery, learn more about our question of the month as well as the work we’re doing to give visitors their best experience at the Museum. We also cover science subjects including exascale computing, plants that regulate their leaf temperature, and our R&D 100 Award finalists. and more...

packages of common household products

September 2016

This month’s issue features a story on the contents of a shipping container being explored by our artifact specialist, an answer to the question "How many moons are there in space?" and how inspiration led to millions of dollar saved on wring a supercomputer. and more...

Linda Deck in LANL TEDx

August 2016

The Museum’s director, Linda Deck, was featured at a recent TEDxLANL event, we acquire a commercial film projector from the 1950s and we also get a question about the second atomic bomb flight to Japan during World War II. It also has several stories about using science to better understand a historical building and cool stuff about the Mars Rover. and more...


July 2016

Bradbury Science Museum Association announces it’s up and running and accepting memberships, Vaseline-glass artifact really does glow (under the right light), a Museum educator answers a hypothetical question regarding creation of nuclear weapons, and information from Mars hints at its past. Click here for these stories and more. and more...

Secret City app

June 2016

The new Manhattan Project app is now available. Also in the issue are stories about some TV props that are coming back home and a question about trinitite. Science stories include how simulations are shedding light on the early universe and the use of machine learning to accelerate the discovery of new materials. and more...

New exhibit at the Bradbury

May 2016

A new exhibit opens this month, a window on the fond relationship between scientists, engineers and their first calculators, why Lab scientists blew up 100 tons of dynamite in advance of the Trinity test. We also highlight a Lab scientist who was knighted by the French and other recent news stories and more...

View of Fuller lodge circa 1945

April 2016

Two articles discuss plans for the new Manhattan Project historical park, a humorous glimpse back into 1950s computing technology, the monthly science question on crystal structure and explosives, the results of a informal poll on what surprised people at the museum and more...

Secret City app

March 2016

An update on the game soon to be available through the Apple App Store Los Alamos: The Secret City of the Manhattan Project; the monthly science question on what results were expected at the Trinity test; a cable-testing relic becomes an artifacts and more...

Manhattan Project Historic Park cabin

February 2016

A survey asking for your feedback on the changes to the publication; An update on the Manhattan District National Historical Park; Our top 10 science stories for 2016; a microscope gets added to our artifacts and more...

Linda Deck, director of the Bradbury Science Museum

January 2016

Museum director introduces January digital issue; A new exhibit featuring Women's Research at the Lab; Cutting edge research into the mystery of plutonium magnetism; Trinity supercomputer online; Scientist Spotlight; Earthquakes Topic of Next Science on Tap and more...