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Make a quake and watch your wave pattern

Heavy on action and comic strip art, the upcoming "Explosion Detectives" exhibit gives you more buttons to push than ever, a riveting Seismic Seat to ride and more. Shown above is a floor pad where you jump to make a quake and see what it takes to detect seismic activity.


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In September's issue of @theBradbury, we invite you to the Museum's first virtual Science on Tap! We introduce you to a new, hands-on interactive for "Explosion Detectives," to the Museum's fabricators and talk about Polynesian tapa cloths. You'll meet Patricia Moore in the latest installment of "Meet our Guides" and get a glimpse of how the Bradbury's MX program will look this school year. Finally, we'll share a special report on the Lab's COVID-19 response and research, and offer up the latest Mars Technica podcast.