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August 17 is National Nonprofit Day

What’s your gift?
July 29, 2019
Photo by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash


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Do you volunteer your time or talent? Do you provide financial support to people you’ve never met? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you’re probably already familiar with the unflagging efforts made by non-profit organizations to support communities in need.

Or perhaps you’re just now contemplating how to pitch in. Have you considered giving a gift of time or expertise? Most nonprofits run on tight, circumscribed budgets, with little funding for program development, training, marketing and communications, or other specialized services. Therefore, your gift of time or talent can be every bit as significant as a financial contribution. 

At Los Alamos, supporting local nonprofits through gifts of time, talent, and financial donations is part of our long-standing culture. In fact, the Lab has had an active employee giving campaign since 1954. Today’s version of that campaign may look a bit different from the original, but its intent remains steadfast: to help support those organizations that do so much to support our Northern New Mexico communities. 

For more information on the Lab’s Giving Campaigns and Drives, please see their Community web page.

For more information about nonprofits in general, or to find a non-profit organization near you, please see the following links: 
National Council of Nonprofits