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New exhibit opening at the Bradbury

Come explore Lab research on nuclear explosion monitoring.
February 28, 2020
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Join us at the Bradbury Science Museum on Thursday, March 19 as we introduce our latest exhibit, “Explosion Detectives.” Curated and designed in collaboration with the Lab’s Nuclear Nonproliferation & Security Program Office, Global Security Directorate, and Earth and Environmental Sciences Division, the exhibit highlights work happening in Los Alamos aimed at strengthening our nation’s ability to detect, identify, locate, and characterize nuclear explosions worldwide.

Visitors will be introduced to the Lab’s “explosion detectives” and learn about the latest advances in signal processing techniques. The exhibit also explores how supercomputing capabilities at Los Alamos continue to improve Earth modeling to better determine the yield of underground explosions. Visitors will be invited to explore the exhibit’s hands-on interactives: “Make a quake!” and “Ride the seismic waves!”