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Visiting Building Immunity in New Jersey

NOTEs arrives at the Liberty Science Center.
August 29, 2019
Microbes Exhibition in the LIberty Science Center.

Microbes Exhibition in the Liberty Science Center.


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Staff at the Bradbury mix business with pleasure daily. We work in a beautiful facility, doing what we love: creating a memorable, informative experience that explains the history, evolution, and ongoing mission of Los Alamos National Laboratory. We design and fabricate exhibits that tell some of the most amazing science stories on the planet, meet thousands of visitors each month, and help interpret Los Alamos’ unique story for those visitors. It’s not all roses, but it’s a pretty great gig overall, and this summer brought with it a pretty big bonus. This summer, National Outreach Traveling Exhibits (NOTEs) administrator Stacy Baker had the pleasure of visiting one of the Museum’s traveling exhibits on location at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey. 

Ranked the 10th best science museum for kids in the U.S. by award-winning, “things to do with your kid” app Mommy Nearest, the Liberty Science Center is an imposing 300,000-square-foot learning center with an incredible array of exhibition halls, giant aquariums, and high tech, experiential exhibits, including hurricane- and tornado-force wind simulators, and the 80-foot-long, pitch black Touch Tunnel. Heavily invested in STEM education, the Liberty also has K–12 classrooms and a robust teacher-development program. Because we share the Liberty’s mission to spark enthusiasm for all things STEM, the Bradbury was thrilled to partner with the Liberty and sent the exhibit Building Immunity out for a 6-month loan.

Generally, when one of our traveling exhibits arrives at its destination, the hosting venue sends images of the exhibit in their gallery. This practice ensures the exhibit is well placed and provides the Bradbury’s design team with a sense of how the borrowing venue’s visitors experience the exhibit. This summer, we got better than pictures—we got to experience Building Immunity first hand as part of the Liberty Science Center’s Microbes Rule!, a petri dish-shaped exhibition that explores the power of microbes via art and technology.

Behind the lab glass of this “microbe zone,” next to several microscope stations where visitors try to detect and identify viruses or bacteria, sits Building Immunity, perfectly placed as the natural next step in microbe exploration, either before or after guests inspect samples at the microscope stations.  

Visitiors with Building Immunity exhibit
Visitors explore Building Immunity.

Staff at the Liberty Science Center.
Liberty Science Center staff with Building Immunity.

Building Immunity will reside at the Liberty Science Center through 2019, traveling to its next destination in early 2020.

The Bradbury Science Museum enjoys its mission to encourage interest in and enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and mathematics and promote public understanding and appreciation of Los Alamos National Laboratory. Our traveling exhibit program, NOTEs, aims to reach from sea to shining sea, sending physical representations and storytelling about the Lab’s world-changing science to informal learning institutions throughout the country. With three traveling exhibits so far, and more on the way, our hope for the NOTEs program is to have each of these beautiful, educational, free exhibits installed in learning centers across the country year-round, experienced and enjoyed by learners of all ages. 

For more information on the Bradbury Science Museum's NOTEs program, including where to see our exhibits, please contact Stacy Baker at slbaker@lanl.gov.