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BSM Girl Scouts STEM Extravaganza

Bradbury Science Museum’s Science Educator, Mel Strong, brought his demo, Build it Solar, to this STEM Extravaganza!
August 29, 2019
BSM Girl Scouts STEM Extravaganza


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Now in its third year, the Girl Scouts STEM Extravaganza was an exciting day full of fun and educational hands-on activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math for the whole family! The BSM’s Mel Strong was on hand with a “build your own solar-powered circuit” booth where participants chose from a variety of solar cells, motors, lights, pumps, buzzers, and switches to build and experiment with circuits of their own design that operated in the sun.  In case the sun decided not to cooperate, Mel also had human-powered crank generators to provide power.  Participants could spend as much time as they wanted connecting as many things together as they wanted…there were nearly an infinite number of combinations! 

Please visit the Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails website for more information.