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New Mexico's wildfire season is approaching

Whether you’re a New Mexico resident or here for a quick visit, preparation is key to staying safe.
April 30, 2019
Los Alamos mesas and mountains.

Los Alamos mesas and mountains.

Always make sure your campfire is completely out before leaving your campsite.

Between last winter’s impressive snowfall (Pajarito Ski Hill in Los Alamos received over 15 feet of snow this winter!) and a relatively wet spring, one might assume that Northern New Mexico is out of the woods as far as fire danger goes this year. According to Manny L’esperance of the Lab’s Emergency Management division, however, all that precipitation may actually fuel an active fire season. The increased moisture of the last six months has encouraged vegetation growth throughout the region, especially fast-growing bushes and grasses, which dry out in late spring and early summer and become tinder for errant sparks or lightning strikes. 

To reduce the risk to your home and family from wildfire, here are a few tips:

  • Remember to create and maintain defensible space around your homes by clearing out yard debris, trimming back trees and shrubs, and removing other flammable material from your roof and gutters.
  • If out enjoying New Mexico’s beautiful national parks, follow posted fire restrictions carefully and always make sure your campfire is completely out before leaving your campsite.
  • Have an evacuation plan that includes how to tightly close up your residence, how to keep in touch with friends and family, and what to do with pets.

For more detailed information on wildfire preparedness and current conditions, please visit Los Alamos National Laboratory Emergency Communications.