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High-Tech Halloween was a Smashing Success!

A smashing, gooey success!
November 1, 2019
Erupting Pumpkins at High-Tech Halloween.

Jackie Veauthier, Dali Yang, and Donivan Porterfield assemble Erupting Pumpkins demo.

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The Bradbury celebrated 25 years of High-Tech Halloween with 2,220 of our closest friends last week! In addition to crowd favorites like Kraz E Science, Critter Alley, and Spooky Sounds, the Museum added a couple new, decidedly messy demos that were huge hits!

Erupting Pumpkins Demo
Erupting Pumpkins demo at High-Tech Halloween. 

Cryo Demo
Jackie Vautier with the Cryogenics demonstration. Photo credit: Maire O'Neill. 

High-Tech Halloween visitors meet some of the Pajarito Environmental Education Center's most popular creatures.