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  • A treasured time capsule
    One man's tools of the trade.
  • Science on Tap Question
    Should I be concerned about my levels of exposure to radiation?
  • The Bradbury Science Museum’s Folding Exhibit Structure premiere
    Our newest exhibit innovation, a folding exhibit structure, is officially “open for business.”
  • New space instrument goes for a spin
    Scientists and engineers at Los Alamos National Laboratory are using a unique centrifuge facility to evaluate a flight-ready telemetry system for evaluating a nuclear weapons test missile launch.
  • Aluminum triple bond made for first time
    The discovery of homodinuclear multiple bonds composed of Group 13 elements represents one of the most challenging frontiers in modern chemistry. A classical triple bond such as N≡N and HC≡CH contains one s bond and two p bonds constructed from the p orbitals perpendicular to the s bond. However, the traditional textbook triple bond between two Al atoms has so far remained elusive. Scientists at LANL, NU, USU, JHU, and KIT have succeeded in creating such compounds by performing a joint photoelectron spectroscopy and theoretical study.



“Building Immunity” hits the road!

traveling exhibit

NOTEs program exhibit "Building Immunity" at the Association of Science-Technology Conference in Hartford, CT.


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  • Linda Deck
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  • Stacy Baker
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For two days, conference attendees from museums and science centers from 46 countries stopped by to take "Building Immunity" for a spin...more