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Museum and Museum Association host special events

Even more events coming up next month.
July 2, 2018
Demonstration photo

Mel Strong, one of the Museum's educators, shows what happens to shaving cream in a vacuum to interested visitors at the first InterPlanetary Festival in Santa Fe in June.

June was a busy month for the Museum.

Night with a Nerd

More than 30 people attended our second Night with a Nerd interactive presentation held June 21. Lab space scientist Roger Wiens spoke, highlighting the expectations for the rover slated for the 2020 Mars mission. In addition to working with the Curiosity rover currently on Mars, Wiens is the Principal Investigator for the 2020’s SuperCam team. Among other equipment designed for the upcoming mission, the SuperCam includes a sophisticated camera and laser to examine rocks and soils, and specialized spectrometers to investigate organic compounds that could provide information related to past life on Mars.

Next Night with a Nerd event on Thursday, September 20

Join the Bradbury Science Museum Association and Glen McDuff for his presentation on “The Cold War, the daily news, the nuclear stockpile, and Bert the Turtle.” Stay tuned for information on event registration.

InterPlanetary Festival

Community members attended the first InterPlanetary Festival in June, sponsored by The Santa Fe Institute. The Museum’s own educators, Mel Strong and Pam Dresher, were at the festival interacting with participants along with several Museum Scientist Ambassadors and Lab scientists. The activities offered included Ask an Astrophysicist; a “Solar Death Ray” demonstration using a huge magnifying lens; and Peeps in Space, which showed how marshmallow Peeps expand inside a vacuum chamber. The different colored Peeps responded to the vacuum in different ways, who would imagine? Everyone had a great experience…except the Peeps.

Laboratory 75th anniversary

On Saturday, June 30, the Lab celebrated its 75th anniversary. While the family activities centered around Ashley Pond downtown, the Museum and its nonprofit Association participated in the events as well. Activities at our location included showing a collection of “vintage” videos captured from Videodiscs (the Bradbury still has a player from that media era!), running our Pinocchio demonstration [link to previous story], hosting Scientist Ambassador conversations, serving popcorn, and providing a place for Lab employees and families to cool down and escape the blazing sun.