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Museum celebrates its 25th anniversary downtown

Historic items brought out of retirement for special event.
May 3, 2018
Interior of Museum

Banners at the anniversary event illustrated the Museum's history.

Among the guests for this event was John Rhoades, the Museum’s former director of about 15 years.

More than 70 friends, former employees, and others stopped by to celebrate the Museum’s 25th anniversary at its downtown location. Prior to 1993, the Museum had a couple of different homes and names. That changed when we moved from the main Laboratory site to our current location 25 years ago. At that point we became, and remain, the “Bradbury Science Museum” in honor of Norris Bradbury who authorized the first museum. Norris became the Lab’s second director when J. Robert Oppenheimer departed at the end of the Manhattan Project. Bradbury’s name graces our façade, and a sculpture of him welcomes visitors in our lobby. 

Norris Bradbury bust

Among the guests for this event was John Rhoades, the Museum’s former director of about 15 years, and the person who oversaw the move to our downtown location. Linda Deck, the Museum’s present-day director, greeted guests and provided additional acknowledgments for those whose support has been vital to our operations over many years.

 Visitor looking at Pinocchio

A visitor to the celebration watches our temporary Pinocchio exhibit simulate a chain reaction.

In honor of the occasion, Museum staff brought additional items out of storage that relate to the Lab’s history, including items related to the Cold War (see related article in this issue).

The Bradbury Science Museum Association (BSMA) was also on hand to sell Laboratory 75th anniversary-themed merchandise in support of regional of science education. The BSMA provided gifts for a raffle to help celebrate this special event.