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Model of Trident submarine now on display

In real life, the ships carry Lab-designed nuclear warheads.
April 1, 2017
Trident submarine

Trident submarines’ payload represents approximately 50 percent of the country’s nuclear warheads.

A recent addition to our nuclear deterrent display is a professionally made model of a Trident nuclear-powered submarine (designated as “Ohio Class”). In particular, on display is a replica of the U.S.S. Alabama, which was commissioned on May 25, 1985.

These are the largest submarines ever made for the U.S. Navy. Trident submarines measure 560 feet in length and have a beam (or width) of 42 feet. The submarines are crewed by 15 officers and 140 enlisted personnel.

The U.S. fleet includes 14 Tridents, which are designed for stealth. Each boat carries 24 ballistic missiles, and in turn, each missile can carry multiple, independently targeted, nuclear warheads. The Lab designed the W76 or W88 warheads the subs carry. Trident submarines’ payload represent a majority of the country’s nuclear warheads.     

The model on display was created by SD Model Makers in San Diego and is 1/192 scale.

The Alabama’s homeport is at the Naval Submarine Base in Bangor, Washington. To learn more about the submarine, visit its webpage.

Jon Ventura, with the Lab’s Weapons Program, contributed to this article.