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Excitement over the Museum’s gift kiosk

Open hours will vary depending on volunteer availability.
January 1, 2017
The much-awaited T-shirts are in!

The much-awaited T-shirts are in!

The Museum's Association now has a variety of products available for purchase. Hours vary.

The Museum’s souvenir kiosk—named “Gadgets” by the way—had its ribbon-cutting ceremony on December 8, and there has already been considerable interest from visitors to purchase the Museum’s logoed pieces. Bags, mugs, pens, and even portable cell phone power banks include the attractive, atom-based graphic. While the current selection of items is somewhat limited, other souvenirs are expected to soon augment the available goods.

Visitors can even join the nonprofit Bradbury Science Museum Association (BSMA) during a visit to the kiosk.

Not local? You’ll still benefit from a BSMA membership

A membership in the Association comes with access to museums around the country and the world through the Association of Science – Technology Centers’ Travel Passport Program. Memberships for the BSMA vary in cost from $35 to $75 per year and help support the nonprofit’s science education efforts. Plus, all BSMA members get 10 percent off their kiosk purchases!

Prefer to join via the web? Visit the “Join Us” pages on the Association’s website.

Local? We love you too!

The Association is looking for volunteers to help with all manner of things. In the future it could be working with student groups or as a Museum docent. Right now, if you’d like to help, volunteers are needed to staff the kiosk. With the international audience the Museum receives, you can both help the BSMA raise funds, and be a Laboratory good-will ambassador.

As Gadgets is just starting up and is staffed by volunteers, its open hours could vary from one day to the next. The best way to check on its operating hours is to visit the organization’s webpage.