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Exhibit highlighting data visualization now on display

From the abacas to 3D simulations.
November 1, 2016
Cabnet with old calculators

Visitors can see this display through the end of the year at the Museum.

Several months ago we looked for and found vintage calculators for a new display on data visualization. Originally on view in the Lab’s main administrative building, the calculators will be part of the new data visualization display in our Tech Lab for the next few months. The display’s contents trace the manipulation of numbers through several devices, from the abacus (date of manufacture unknown) to slide rules and calculators of escalating complexity.

Today, Lab scientists face the challenges of conceptualizing massive amounts of numerical information with new technology, such as 3-D presentations and visualization rooms. The exhibit interprets both the past and present of this work.

The content of some of these exhibits will be on display to the White Rock Visitor Center at 115 NM-4, in White Rock, New Mexico.