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The votes are in (and it isn’t even November yet)

Unscientific poll asked what surprised visitors most at the Museum
April 1, 2016
Image of our penny poll

A previous (unscientific) poll showed that Manhattan Project history is a real draw for Museum visitors.
For approximately six months, the Museum ran an informal poll asking people to vote by depositing pennies in cylinders (in some cases, people used larger denominations) representing their opinion to the question:

“What did you learn that surprised you the most?”

The results of the poll (in descending order):

The Lab’s other research, such as climate change and biofuels = 462
Manhattan Project work details = 440
Manhattan Project people details = 424
That I didn’t have enough time to see everything = 414
The Lab continues its nuclear security work today = 411

This followed a previous yearlong survey where we asked why people had visited us. The overwhelming answer (again, unscientifically) was that they came to learn about the history of the Manhattan Project.

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