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@theBradbury is a monthly electronic newsletter that highlights news, artifacts and events at the Museum, as well as the latest updates about Los Alamos National Laboratory's research and innovations.
January 5, 2021

October 2021

In the October issue of @theBradbury, read about the secret of the general's safe, the warning behind the buzz and more.

September 2021

In the September issue of @theBradbury, discover the Pajarito Plateau history, see snapshops of post-Manhattan Project firefighters and read about how hydrogen is the future of trucking.

August 2021

In the August issue of @theBradbury, read about the new Periodic Table program, top 5 questions about visiting the museum and starting the school year with science.

July 2021

In the July issue of @theBradbury, read about the Bradbury Science Museum's opening, Summer Science on Wheels and rembembering past Family Days.

June 2021

In the June issue of @theBradbury, listen to new episodes of "Relics: History podcast, read about the DARHT vessel and the newly discovered quasicrystal created by the Trinity explosion.

May 2021

In the May issue of @theBradbury, register for the Frontiers in Science lecture on May 26 and Science on Tap on May 17. Take a virtual Manhattan Project Site tours and read about plans for the Bradbury Science Museum's reopening this summer.

April 2021

In the April issue of @theBradbury, we remember lifelong educator and inspiration John Rhoades, read about Jewish employees of the Manhattan Project, and inside the largest Arctic expedition. Register for the next Science on Tap on April 19.

March 2021

In the March issue of @theBradbury, register for Night with a Nerd with Alan Carr and the Science on Tap talk with Alexandra Jonko. Read about Manhattan Project vet Harris Mayer and Vincent Yuan remembers his mother, 'Madame Wu'.

February 2021

In February's issue of @theBradbury, read about a bond that is out of this world. We invite you to our Science on Tap on Feb. 8, celebrate the Mars Perseverance landing on Feb. 18 and Engineers week (Feb. 21-27) at the museum.

January 2021

In January's issue of @theBradbury, we invite you to our Science on Tap on Jan. 11. Also see the Racing Toward Dawn video now available in Spanish, see how the Lab logo has changed, and meet the two interns who are bringing supercomputing alive with animation and character design.