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A world awaits on the history of the Manhattan Project

There are many ways to engage and delve into Manhattan Project history during a visit to the Museum.
Just a sample of what you can experience during your visit to the Museum.

Enter a world of the past.

It begins by entering our history gallery.

History Gallery

Here you can explore a timeline that follows the entire history of the Manhattan Project.

Timelime Display

Spend some time watching videos, explore the history, and examine Manhattan Project artifacts.

History Display

Use the interactive display to learn about the people whose wide-ranging contributions led to the Manhattan Project's success.


Near the center of our lobby, you can virtually visit three of the locations that will eventually become part of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park.

Film Choice

There you can submerse yourself in three widescreen videos, explore various aspects of equipment (and in some cases even smells) to learn more about what the Lab was like during World War II.


While exploring these areas, use your "secret pass" to glean even more information.

PICT image

As if that wasn't enough, there's a new Manhattan Project history video.

A new 15-minute video, called Racing Toward Dawn, covers the Manhattan Project, highlighting the Lab's role as Project Y. The video focuses on the scientific and technological challenges and breakthroughs at Project Y that led to successful development of atomic weapons and set the legacy for the Lab today.

If you want to see a full-size replica of Fat Man, we've got one of those, too!

Fat Man

All this and more awaits you on a visit to the Museum. We're looking forward to seeing you here.