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 folding exhibit structure

Innovation and service have long been the basis for work performed at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

As the window to the Lab, the Bradbury Science Museum follows suit, serving the Lab and visitors from around the world with exhibits designed to share the work of the Laboratory in language we can all understand, no easy feat considering the depth and breadth of scientific programs at the Lab. So how do we turn subjects like non-proliferation, inertial confinement fusion, or nanotechnology into multi-modal exhibits understandable by visitors of all ages and backgrounds?  At the Bradbury, we call upon our highly skilled exhibit team to research, imagine, design, and fabricate each story into a tangible, relatable, accessible installation.

One of our newest exhibit innovations offers Lab partners an opportunity to showcase a program, project, or accomplishments with a shorter lead time, leaner budget, and simple set up.  Seeking a reusable structure easily adaptable to any topic and many uses, the Bradbury’s team created a folding exhibit frame with panels and table-top display space ready for content.  Unlike many exhibits at the Bradbury, which can take a year or better to complete, this exhibit’s mobility, streamlined form, and development process made it the perfect answer for our newest partners in the Lab’s Global Security Directorate (PADGS).

At Los Alamos, PADGS is committed to supporting the Lab’s mission to solve national security challenges through scientific excellence. With dedicated and innovative experts in nuclear deterrence and nonproliferation, they continually provide our national security partners with technologies and expertise found nowhere else.

Telling their story, or even a small part of it, is a challenge the museum team looks forward to, especially considering the depth and breadth of their wide-reaching work. Oh, wait. What if the lead time is only two months? As mentioned earlier, exhibition design requires lengthy, thoughtful consideration of each topic and concept. Creation of design elements and content go through multiple iterations until both design team and client are happy. Then comes prototype fabrication and, eventually, a final version that’s fascinating as well as informative. Enter our newest folding exhibit structure, ready for content, almost no fabrication needed, and just waiting for the call.

In September, the Bradbury Science Museum will unveil our newest exhibit designed around this folding structure. The short lead time and sophisticated subject matter will test the museum staff’s skill, capabilities, and creativity, but they also offer an opportunity for us to tell a great story about global security, which is, after all, why we’re here. The exhibit will remain on display at the museum for visitors to experience, likely traveling to other locations at the Laboratory.

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