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Science On Tap - Biogeochemistry and our planet

Sep 21, 2017 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
145 Central Park Square, Los Alamos, NM
Linda Anderman
(505) 665-9196

Event Description

How Lab scientists are using biogeochemistry to better understand and mend the planet

The Earth is a complex place. The field of biogeochemistry seeks to better understand the links between geologic, chemical, and biological processes. During this Science on Tap event, join Sharon Bone, of the Lab’s Inorganic Isotope and Actinide Chemistry group, who will talk about how molecular- and nanometer-scale tools can help us better understand how human activity has influenced the fate of toxic elements on a regional scale. She’ll also talk about what steps are being taken to use natural mechanisms to help clean up that contamination.

The American Chemical Society, Central New Mexico Local Section, will provide light refreshments.

This event is open to those of all ages.