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Bradbury activities during ScienceFest

Jul 16, 2016 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
ScienceFest and Bradbury Science Museum
Downtown Los Alamos and 1350 Central Ave, Los Alamos, NM 87544, USA
Linda Anderman
(505) 665-9196

Event Description

Come join us for ScienceFest

All events below are on Saturday, July 16

Silent voices of WWII: The Navajo Code Talkers’ vital, secret role in the Pacific Theater

10 a.m. to noon, Bradbury Science Museum, 1350 Central Avenue

Los Alamos World War II historian Nancy Bartlit will first cover, through archival and recent photographs, the development of the Navajo Code and how the “Code within a Code” was incomprehensible to the Japanese as well as to other Navajo.

After a short refreshment break, she will discuss how the U.S. Navy deployed these U.S. Marine radio men to transmit messages from the front lines, to the beaches, and then to command centers on ships. Their accurate and immediate coding and decoding hastened America’s advance across Japanese held islands—from Guadalcanal, to Tinian Island, Iwo Jima and Okinawa, which brought American forces within final striking distance of Japan in the final months of the war in the Pacific.

Refreshments sponsored by the Bradbury Science Museum Association.

It's all about codes

11 a.m. to 3 p.m., look for the Bradbury Science Museum Association's activity booth near Ashley Pond

In addition to a simulation of an old Enigma machine used to code messages during the first half of the century, the Bradbury Science Museum Association will have activities on making and breaking ciphers including that code that defines who we are: DNA. Come by and learn how to extract DNA from wheat with this fun and easy demonstration.

Forecasting the flu (and other things) 

2:30 p.m., Ashley Pond Park, under the Lyrics and Libations Tent

Nick Generous of the Lab’s Information Systems and Modeling group will talk about new outbreaks of illness around the globe (think Zika virus and even the common cold), and how forecasting the potential spread of infection has become even more important. Come by for a brief introduction to the subject of disease forecasting and how new social media tools are helping make predictions even more accurate. The short presentation will be followed by a lively discussion.

Standing up a national park

4 p.m., Ashley Pond Park, under the Lyrics and Libations Tent

Tracy Atkins, who works for the National Park Service, has been associated with the Manhattan Project National Historical Park in various capacities since January of 2015. She will discuss the challenges and opportunities of standing up a new national park. Some of the items she intends to cover include building partnerships, allocating resources, managing expectations and the fun and excitement of coordination across the three locations included in the park: Los Alamos, Oak Ridge (TN) and Hanford (WA). The short presentation will be followed by an opportunity to ask questions.