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Can’t get enough science? Click on these links to learn more about science and innovations at the Lab and beyond!


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General Science
  • How Stuff Works - We appreciate the effort these people have put in to explain just about everything we can think of.
  • The Exploratorium - Founded by Frank Oppenheimer, J. Robert's brother, the Exploratorium is the granddaddy of hands-on, minds-on science museums. Check out one of our favorite pages about snacks.
  • The Explodatorium (pdf) is our Scientist Ambassador Barry Warthen's marvelous catch-an-egg-in-the-act-of-exploding device.
  • Games and Puzzles from Jefferson Lab - JLAB educators have so much fun that we just have to link to our cousin's page in ours.
  • The National High Field Magnetic Laboratory education site. Los Alamos handles the Pulsed Field Facility in this cooperative program. Lots of information about magnets!
  • Explanations of physics concepts -  Minute Physics (includes videos).
  • Jefferson Lab - Hands-on science activities, worksheets, games, and more.
  • What If - Author Randall Munroe of XKCD.com attempts to answer off-the-wall physics questions. As with XKCD, we suggest a grain of salt, but we do enjoy his production.
  • Astronomy picture of the day - The name largely says it all: beautiful pictures from our very own universe.
  • NASA's Space Place - NASA maintains a plethora of websites. This is a great place to start
  • NASA's Space Place en Español - Space Place in Spanish.
  • Space Weather - This is a fun place to keep up with our local star.
  • Mars Exploration - We are excited about Mars exploration. Los Alamos National Laboratory plays a big role in this research.
  • A fascinating meditation of the air we take for granted on Earth: Air in Outer Space, with additional links. Recommended by students at the Morrow Community Center in Georgia!
  • World Space Week - Free teacher activity guide to space related activities.
Brain Activities
NOVA Secrets of the Mind - A fascinating look inside our brain.
Chemistry Activities
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