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Emerging Threats and Opportunities

Los Alamos' mission is to solve national security challenges through scientific excellence.
June 20, 2018
An artist rendition of a Prometheus Block-1 1.5U Cubesat in apparent Earth orbit.

An artist rendition of a Prometheus Block-1 1.5U Cubesat in apparent Earth orbit.


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For the last 70 years there has not been a world war, and the nation's strong deterrent has something to do with that fact.

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is uniquely positioned to offer innovative solutions to identify and rapidly respond to emerging threats worldwide. These threats include cyber-physical vulnerabilities, threats in space, new technology, and other emerging threats.

The Laboratory works in close collaboration with the Intelligence Community and the U.S. military to provide cutting-edge technology aimed to combat small-scale, intense conflict. An important focus of this effort is the discovery and identification of emerging, state-of-the-art technologies with the potential to increase our technological advantage and to provide the nation with an overwhelming strategic advantage over its adversaries.

Los Alamos has a rich history of scientific discoveries, technological innovation, and integrity. While the “asymmetric” dimension of threats in today’s world has contributed to the significant escalation in potential dangers, the Laboratory is well equipped to provide an increasingly rapid response. Our researchers and scientists

work with Intelligence Community, and the U.S. Departments of Defense, Energy and Homeland Security to provide technical solutions for prediction and/or prevention of catastrophic threats, to counter new foreign strategic and tactical technological advances, and ultimately to improve national security. New technologies and emerging capabilities present unique opportunities for new discoveries, ground breaking science, and innovative ways of thinking about applying that science to solve modern problems.

The Laboratory’s 75+ years of nuclear weapons and global security proficiency and ingenuity plays an important role in our nation’s nuclear deterrence strategy. Our scientific, research, and engineering expertise together with the Laboratory’s technology, specialized experimental facilities, and High Performance Computing tools for modeling and simulation, makes Los Alamos National Laboratory the premier national laboratory for nuclear nonproliferation and providing expertise in counterproliferation. We combine this with domain expertise in national security, large-scale experiments, and data science and computing in a way that is truly unique.

The Laboratory’s strong legacy of transformational technology development supports the Stockpile Stewardship, Nuclear Non-proliferation, and Nuclear Counter-proliferation missions; the cornerstones ensuring a National Strategic Deterrence capability. That prestigious technical enterprise thrives today and is leveraged heavily to provide our national security partners enhanced operational capabilities against emerging threats.